Six Canadians Killed In Afghanistan In Explosion

Kandahar, Afghanistan (AHN) – Six Canadian soldiers were killed and two other NATO soldiers wounded last weekend in Afghanistan by an improvised explosive device that pierced through the armored car the soldiers were traveling in on Sunday.

Ten soldiers were on board the armored vehicle, which was on patrol with other armored vehicles when the explosion went off wounding two and killing six.

Canadian military communiqué has explained the government will be investigating the incident to find out what sort of explosives could get through the rugged and armored vehicle.

Most of the fallen soldiers were members of the Second Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment as part of security patrols in the Kandahar and Helman provinces’ border area.

At least one soldier was a Canadian Reserve volunteer.

Canadian General Rick Hillier said to CBC at the Vimy Ridge monument in France that the military’s thoughts are with the soldiers who remain behind.

“We know they’ve gone through an incredibly tough time,” he said.

A somber ceremony for Canadian troops to honor the fallen men from the First World War at Vimy Ridge was also heard in Afghanistan on Monday in the shadow of the Canadian deaths