Voice of the White House April 6, 2007

”The pot is beginning to boil over the food, human and pet, poisonings. I am digging up more data of Mad Cow in the U.S. and the Chinese have denied the wildl US claims that wheat glutin is poisoned. Their glutin is almost all used inside China and the main company has not shipped any glutin to pet food plants. Of more immediate interest is the mobbing of Fat Karl Rove on Wednesday. Although the media closely confined the story and limited its distribution, the effect here in the White House is amazing. The Secret Service is very alarmed over this incident, as they were over the fictional Bush assassination movie they managed to block distribution of in America. Bush is the most hated president in history and the number of “serious” death threats, revealed and uncovered, has everyone here frightened. The Rove attack was spontaneous student hatred of a very evil man but the detail here is going to give top aides more protection and redouble their already formidable presidential detail. Bush’s glee in provoking Congress and the American people is causing serious trouble, not only on the Hill but throughout the country and this is just building up steam. As I have said many times, Bush is not going to listen to anyone and is going to do just what he wants. In the end, he will be wearing a Napoleon hat and ranting to himself in an empty White House. More on the poisonings next time.”

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