Oliver Stone’s “Communist Story of America

by David Shewchuk – (henrymakow.com) Jan 24, 2013

Recently, a 10-hour the documentary The Untold Story of America was broadcast on Showtime.  
It is easy to disagree with a perspective and suggest another.  It is more effective to show how something fails on its own terms. Stone states up front that his frustration with the history being handed down led him to tell the “untold story”. But that is what he fails to do unless the “untold” is the misleading stories he does tell.


One reviewer called the title “misleading” in that nothing was “untold” previously. 
That might just sum up the documentary in one sentence.  Don’t watch in anticipation that sooner or later something new will be revealed.  It never happens. 
Furthermore, he is following in a well worn footpath. The 24 part 1996 “Cold War” documentary (master minded by globalist Ted Turner) covers virtually the same events and uses much of the same camera footage. It is as if Stone took out the parts of Cold War on the Soviet Union, left out the eye witness interviews and added his own comments. Cold War is the better balanced and more revealing effort.  
So why bother reviewing “The Untold Story”? Well, while we don’t learn about American history, we learn about Oliver Stone.  Certainly he has done many good and thought provoking movies.  As a screen writer and director, he has been able to suggest and allude without laying his cards on the table.  Documentaries are generally not as conducive to artistic license, so, assuming he is being honest, here we see deeper into his thoughts. 


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