On the Plains of Armageddon, with the Battle already Won

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Jan 23, 2013

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It is becoming increasingly clear that Satanism and their, principally Judaic adherents, along with the Gentile Goblin Armies, operating as ‘submissive bottoms’, is the number one enemy and operative problem impacting on us all. How they go about some of their mendacious activities is diagrammed by the perspicacious Baby Sue. Then there is the out and out declarations of correlative things and it even manages to find it’s way onto the Witch Queen‘s TV Show so… probably something to it. We’ll visit a confession from the same site; why not? Of course, the media is rife with this sort of thing; nearly all media is an aspect of the hydra headed Bitch Media (Medea?)
I could put link after link after link up and never be able to include more than a small portion of what has been illustrated, testified to, speculated on and proven as well. Of course, we don’t want to turn over our focus, for any amount of real time, to this ugly remnant of a departing age. We want to walk on the sunny side of the street. We like rainbows and the promise they imply. We don’t gather in the shadows, in hope of the blooming of poisonous Nightshade; metaphorically speaking.
This departing age was never a pleasant place to be, although any number of good karma lives took place in it. Overall it has been a playing field of torture and torment. Like everything, except, perhaps for Love and the attendant virtues, ‘all things must pass’. These things are passing and the evidence of that is their being forced out into the daylight. Though a conscious avatar is on the way, one can also say that The Internet is an avatar. It amuses me to witness the frustrations of the evil doers, as they plot and scheme, to control or destroy it, when they are so incredibly bound to it for profit, which they are loath to let go of. They are like the monkey, who won’t let go of the mango in the clay pot. This will cost the monkey his life.
The internet is laden with fruit, like some massive tree, the like of which we have never seen in Nature. Yet people refuse to avail themselves of the explanations and evidence of anything they might question the existence of. I still, frequently, hear from people wanting proof from me about certain things, having studiously avoided the provided links, which already answer their questions. Failing that, they only have to employ a search engine. Some people mystify me. Someone very close to me, now believes that there have been some truly monstrous, historical lies but… does not want to hear about them and has real trouble with resentment …because I have brought these things to that person’s attention. The truth can make people both fearful and then angry and what are you to do when you have no enduring existence outside of the truth …and when you are compelled to tell it …because this is your essential employment …and no resistance or potential threat is allowed to influence you, regardless of the cost?
Someone who lives nearby me in Europe and whom I count among my closest and best friends, corroborates all that I say but it is to no avail. Here is a man of courage who has really done the research. He knows …and I have rarely ever met anyone with an intelligence equal to his. We corresponded for a couple of years before I finally noticed the town he lived in, in his email signature; right around the corner from me. My life is filled with these non coincidences. It is an interesting contradiction that I can have examples of invisible intervention in my life …on a continuous basis and yet still doubt (on occasion) what I will do when it decides to transition me from one state or life situation into another; human nature.
By now, we know that Satanism is an international, world-wide problem. It was a much bigger problem when we didn’t know about it. Now that we know about it, it is being subjected to the collective awakening consciousness, which grows by the hour. As with all things of this nature, critical mass will be reached at some point. The most important thing to remember, is that the devil is an employee of the ruling entity …and a mere blind, taking his position and performance, according to the times being occupied. The game is fixed but not in the same way as those who attempt to fix the game may think it is. “Everything is under control”. This phrase speaks volumes and should empower the hearts and minds of everyone who comprehends it in its essential truth.
One of the things most people don’t get and they don’t get it even when it is explained to them… is that they are like they are and how they are for a reason. The level of their ignorance is there for a reason, as is the relative luminosity of their intelligence. Every specific, no matter how micro or macroscopic, is an expression of precision and intentional design. Everything is perfect, except for our perception of it and that approaches perfection …to the degree of our reliance upon the consciousness that is the author of the conditions we interpret …according to personal disposition. Once that has merged with the universal initiator, you’re home free or… in your free home. Outside of that, all states are a state of bondage to some degree. We’re all in the same boat, we’re just sitting in different locations. Given the size of the boat and the various spaces available, that can mean a vastly different level of comfort. Of course, your comfort is directly relative to the comfort and discomfort you spread in your promenade across the decks; keeping in mind, you don’t have access to all levels and sections; but you could.
One of my favorite quotes is by a general, I don’t remember his name offhand but he said, “Every ship of state sails on a river of darkness”. That means all sorts of things take place below the surface where laws and sausages get made. Many people dispute the degree of intelligence in the military mind. I assure you that historically, they compose some of the brightest among us. Certainly in the times of the Roman Empire, there were some examples and interesting exceptions from Marcus Aurelius to Cicero. You’ll note that neither of them liked the military, though both of them were in it. I used to love reading about Rome, especially Tacitus. Some would like to say that Tacitus had an agenda. Who doesn’t?
I’m a warrior but I’m not much for military engagements. I like to be more along the lines of some of the lines from one of my songs. “We are on a vast horizon, facing into the blazing sun and we have come to Armageddon, just to find the battle won”. As reckless and foolhardy as many people might imagine me to be, I never enter into a conflict or contest where I am not already sure of the outcome and that accounts for my having evaded and bypassed most of the possible injuries. In Hawaii, I saw all kinds of people with steel plates in their heads, missing eyes, messed up in all kinds of ways and even dead. Few people behaved as outrageously there as I did and there are many who will testify to that; not to mention getting lit and going into the park at night and sparring with the locals. Bud the Birdman certainly knows about it, as do quite an assortment of horrified bystanders.
What does this prove, that I was crazy? Certainly is proves that but… it also proves that one must seek out invisible protection, if one is going to be a nutjob, seeking employment as a rainbow warrior. The faith you employ in your actions is equal to the results you gain and the other side has absolute faith in you; you just have to rise to the occasion because… there are no limits. I know I mentioned before, spending almost four years in some of the worst prison hellholes and maximum security wards for the insane. The population was 90% black and I was young, slender, white and… possibly even attractive (grin). Yet, I was untouched. I think that was truly an anomaly but… I believe to the point where it is no longer believing but true and definite knowing. Of course, I do not know and never will but as to the existence of whatever it is that looks out for me… I know. It has been proven time and again, time and again, time and again.
Many people are confounded by how I can say the things I say and just keep motoring on. Might it be that the things I speak of are true and therefore protected? Nothing really negative will get anywhere near me, unless there is a need for the purpose of demonstration. I’m not saying these things to light my name up on some cosmic Broadway. I’m saying these things because they could easily be true of you and until more of you get with the program, we are going to be in this inconsistent sludge of mixed results.
I’ve been wailing in the wilderness for awhile but… I shouldn’t be alone out here. I should be surrounded by comrades in arms; cue Dire Straits. I realize that there are some number of you at a distant remove, who are right there with me. I can feel it, you may be sure. Sooner or later, the proximity factor comes into play and we will find ourselves in the place Rumi talks about …where we fall down and everything is music.
Someone wrote me today to say something like (paraphrasing), “visible, you’re a pagan but your faith in the one is off the charts”. He had just had some events connected to me and… all I could think is, I am not a pagan. I recognize one common source for all of the external, emblematic representatives that cannot be accurately shown in any way …that the eyes can snatch anything… approaching the reality of. Music and math try to reach this. Certainly on the one hand, Beethoven, Bach and Mozart showed the reach but still fell well short of the possibility. Spinoza, Descartes and others had a grasp of the other but all fall short. You’ll note on Bud’s website there is no mention of me, although we were the best of friends for almost 20 years and did all kinds of projects together. He’s scared shitless of being associated with the things I say but has he realized any of the things he was after as a result of his cautions? Frankly, no.
There’s something to do here with the faith of a mustard seed and that applies in physics and metaphysics both. It’s literally staring all of us in the face but we just don’t see because of those Samsaras. I have a lot of friends, most of them I have never seen …but most of them don’t get it and when they do, they are most often female, which directly contradicts prevailing foolish wisdom. This is not to discount certain male friends who also get it to a greater degree but, since… in these times it is about surrender and selfless love, the advantage lies with the female mind. I’ll leave you to puzzle over that.
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