Slaughter at Algeria gas plant ‘was led by a Canadian…’

David Williams – Daily Mail Jan 22, 2013

  • Canadian passports found on badly burned bodies of two insurgents
  • One Frenchman among the terrorists, say Algerian judicial sources
  • Algerian PM says 37 foreign hostages from eight countries had died
  • Total death toll of captives and hostage-takers has risen to 89
  • Cameron says repatriation of dead Brits ‘top priority’ but may take time
  • Some of the gunmen ‘given short-term contracts by the oil and gas giant’
  • Attackers ‘arrived in cars painted in colours of Algerian state energy firm’
  • Group threatens further attacks unless France ends assault on Mali rebels
The storming of the BP gas plant in Algeria and murder of dozens of hostages was orchestrated by a Canadian, it emerged yesterday.

Documents found on the bodies of two terrorists – one a ringleader – identified them as Canadians and Western intelligence agencies were checking last night whether either was ‘known’ to them.

Survivors have told how at least one of the kidnappers spoke perfect English in giving them orders.

Both Canadians entered Algeria from Libya with members of the ‘Blood Battalion’ led by Mokhtar Belmokhtar.

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Comment – Jan 22, 2013

It doesn’t seem to have occurred to the writer of the above that those Canadians who are claimed to have orchestrated the kidnappings and murders may indeed have been members of Western intelligence.
After all, despite official denials bin Laden was alleged to have links with the CIA during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.
Years before September 11 he was reported to be working with the CIA, as this 1998 article clearly illustrates.
That’s the same bin Laden who went on to become the purported ‘mastermind behind 9/11’.
Just as the insurgents currently fighting French forces in Mali were originally trained by the U.S., according to a former Pentagon official.
Note too that the Mail also reports that “both Canadians entered Algeria from Libya”. The same North African country that Western forces helped ‘liberate’ from the rule of Gaddafi in 2011.
Is it a coincidence that so many of those fighting Assad’s forces in Syria are now also reported to come from Libya? Or that other elements of the Syrian opposition are reportedly being recruited, armed and financially assisted by Western intelligence and the Gulf States?
British Prime Minister David Cameron warned only days ago that the “fight against terror in North Africa could last decades.” His warning came hot on the heels of French military intervention in Mali; where by strange coincidence residents of Diabaly report that some of the Islamic extremists who overran their town last week were “English speakers” of “European appearance”.
Are these “Islamic extremists” actually members of Western Special Forces operating undercover in North Africa? Are they there to foment further strife and thereby open the way for more extensive Western military intervention? Are they helping pave the way for David Cameron’s prediction?
Significantly, the Daily Mail report mentions: 

“a Briton who is believed to be an Islamic convert in his late 20s with blond hair and blue eyes is said to have joined one-eyed Belmokhtar’s group last year. He is reported to have visited wounded jihadists at a hospital in south-east Mali.”

Was he really a blond blue eyed Western convert to Islamic extremism who only “joined one-eyed Belmoktar’s group last year?
Or is he a member of Western Special Forces or even Western intelligence operating in the guise of an Islamic extremist with the aim of fomenting more chaos and strife. Thereby preparing the way for the next phase of the “fight against terror in North Africa”.
Who is really behind this witches cauldron of terror that is emerging in North Africa?

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