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Smoking Mirrors – June 22, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Howdy Doody, the killer puppet clown was ‘sworn in’ for another term in recent days. By sworn in, I mean the Chief Injustice said to him at the conclusion of the farce, “Okay Fuckhead, get your bought and sold ass back into the Anal Office”; probably why it’s oval. Yeah, there are all kinds of unpleasant specimens running around at the moment. This listing is not at all comprehensive.
The big question; what has been the big question, for a good while, is, “When are things going to change? Why are they going on so long? Why is nothing being done?” Well, that’s 3 questions actually. I have no clear or clever answer to any of these. The dining table of the world has been turned into a Smorgasbord of Shit. It comes in various compositions and colors. Most of the edibles even taste slightly different from each other but they’re all shit. Normal food is against the law, normal sex will soon be against the law and normal behavior is going to go from a misdemeanor to a felony. Honesty is going to be cataloged as a crime against Nature and Pederasty is being elevated to a legal requirement, similar to paying taxes.
I’ve been told the Kali Yuga is over. Apparently, the temporal zone hasn’t gotten the memo yet. How can something be over if it is still happening? It must be one of those Zen things. Psychopathic behavior is still freewheeling down the boulevard of broken dreams and all those millions of urban dwellers living in “I don’t Give a Rat’s Ass Central” are walking down the street, waving their arms at invisible bugs. What these gestures are really communicating is, “I don’t want to hear about it”.
They just want to be fed, get laid and have somewhere to live, while filling up their time, occupied with daydreams in the workplace and rhinestone entertainments everywhere else. You can’t shake them awake. You can’t reason with them, cause it’s like trying to have a conversation with a somnambulist. What that gets you is walking into the same wall they do; that great big wall of silent indifference that waits ahead in all directions for the indifferent.
Mossad and the gentile goblin armies are not scaling back; no telling when they will publish the assumed names of these dark side cowboys. One of the most interesting and ironic puzzles of these last years is, why haven’t there been any real terror events? We’ve had a bunch of false flag, Israel and her bitches, events but we have seen neither hide nor hair of any action coming out of the hot zones, where Israel and western forces are killing for profit, sport and armaments testing. You would think by now some enterprising easterners, who have had enough of the horrors visited upon them by the banker armies, would have blown some things up in all kinds of locations… nada.
History is full of all sorts of strange things. I’m passing familiar with this story but had never heard about the conclusions drawn in this article. It puts a whole new face on the episode and it sounds all too credible. I suspect there are many, many similar realities that permeate events and conditions which we seldom, if ever, hear about. Pretty much anything we are told is a lie or a half truth so, if you want to know what really happened, you have to dig deep or get a library card for the Hall of Akashic Records.
I was talking to Connie Lingle the other day. She’s the sister of former Hawaiian governor, Linda Lingle, who was spawned from the same test tube as Janus Napolitano and she told me that her sister told her that an alien invasion was coming this year. I reminded her that external invasions are not the bigger problem. It’s the internal invasions that are causing all of the problems. People with no sense of self are being telepathically hijacked and evicted from their corporal homes, or completely subdued by lower astral monsters from the inner planes. That’s the reason there are so many bad TV shows, movies and music. No-one human would watch or listen to any of these but definitely, other, undesirable life forms would. So… if you’re trying to figure out what it all means, regardless of whether you are named Alfie or not, this should explain it to you. I’ve taken my Phaser off of stun. It’s the smart move. Even though me and smart moves adds up to some kind of oxymoron, I am trying to quit; no shit.
I know there are people out there who say, “He can’t be any kind of a bonafide guru, he uses bad language.” Actually my language is a great deal better that the ordinary school kid. Ordinary would mean below average because average is now below ordinary and ordinary doesn’t come around much anymore in any case. Well, it just so happens that I have run into VERY high beings who use this sort of language. One of them was sporting a notable state of tumescence behind his khaki chino pants at the time in a kind of joie de vivre way. I’m guessing life (his life) really turned him on. Lao Tzu talks about being firm all day and filled with vigor. I think that has to be what it was; hopefully it wasn’t just that he was attracted to me (grin) and a big “I’m kidding”, in case you happen to be reading this.
Moving right along, I’m going to Varanasi and then the Kumbha Mela in about a month, shortly after a visiting guest has finished his visit. I’ve been given to understand that I am going to meet someone or more than one, who are going to totally transform my life, so as to make me nearly unrecognizable. Well, I am already unrecognizable to myself (grin) but it is something to think about and I am accompanied by a disconcerting awe, through the length of my days as if some portion of myself is all too aware of this. Abul pointed out to me yesterday that this is a Maha-Maha Kumbha that only comes around every 24 years. You get a Maha Kumbha every 12 years. So this one is the Big Daddy of Big Daddys; would that make it a Mack Daddy?
Well, I am looking forward, while also whistling past the graveyard, in a recurrent micro shiver of anticipation to personal transformation because, come this summer, after I’ve had my recording session with Old-Boy in the UK, I do not presently know where I will be living; where or with whom, come summer. Certainly the Cosmos knows but all is quiet on the Visible Front, in terms of information. Maybe options are still being juggled and sorted. I’ve been invited to Ecuador, Australia, New Zealand and some other places but they are far away and involve a severing of all familiar associations. Part of me really wants to stay in Europe and I have friends there that definitely do not want me to leave. I’ve also made contacts here that have promised to expedite a ten year visa for me. They know the rubber stamp guys.
For some years now, the reader has been getting a collage-origami of my metaphysical take on things; well, it’s not my take as much as a gurgitation of things I hear with the inner ear. I doubt very many readers are familiar with Aghora. I just finished a book by Robert Svoboda (I had already read one book by him) that chronicles the life of his teacher, Vimalananda. The book is called “Aghora at the Left Hand of God”. The similarity between many things said in this book and things I have spoken about over the years is interesting. In some cases there are exact quotes, although I never read this book until yesterday. There are events and conditions described in this book that go beyond anything most of us have ever encountered, yet they are all true, or I believe them to be. It shows you just how amazing and fascinating India can be. I am not an Aghori and have no intention of becoming one. My tendency toward instability and the rigorous requirements of this discipline, preclude my ever being so engaged. It would be a disaster and I am resigned to simple Bhakti because that is all I can safely manage, in hope of the jnana that might show up, we hope. I recommend you order this book from Amazon right away. It is a wild ride and a riveting read. You are definitely going to have to suspend all disbelief, I assure you.
I do not know what to make of my situation here. Powerful forces are impacting on me at all times. I can manage this better now. In the beginning it was real touch and go. Certain things I have engaged in for many years are now on their way out and this will bring me a much greater sense of vitality and clarity, along with an increased stability of mind, as well as a cleansing and strengthening of the nerve currents. I had planned on these things at some point. Then the point showed up all by itself.
I hope you will read and explore the links concerning Varanasi and Kumbha Mela. There is some fascinating information in them. However, reading the book I have recommended will astonish and astound you. It will certainly show anyone who reads it just how little they know and it will surely dispel certain egocentric assumptions we have about ourselves. Some may be turned off by the fact that this man is an expression of the Left Hand Path but the meaning and implications of that here are entirely different than elsewhere and so are the practitioners. This man does not come off as you might expect and the book will also grant you a much greater perception of what siddhis are and what they can do. I am not myself after these things though there are many times I wished I had some (grin).
Alright, enough for today. Let’s see if I can get a radio show together now.
End Transmission…….

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