Inauguration – How Long Will Americans be Duped

by Ted Anthony – “Dear Mr. President: One Glimpse of Your Nation” (Associated Press) (abridged by Jan 20, 2013

Dear Mr. President:
Bryan Stone, 60, of Jacksonville FL, has something to say about the way America used to be that he wouldn’t mind you hearing.
“Everybody knew what the rules were,” he says. “That’s not true anymore.”
Here, then, is one snapshot – an interpretation of how it feels in America right now. It’s broad-brush and subjective, as any snapshot of a nation so big and diverse must be. 
Mr. President: Americans feel deeply uncertain about the state of the nation right now. Very few of us seem to know what the rules are anymore – or even where we are going. Just this past week, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll found that 57 percent of Americans polled think the country’s on the wrong track. Not as bad as October 2011, when it was 74 percent. But not very optimistic, either.
The people are fragmented, consumed, distracted, sometimes paralyzed by choices. Look at the comments section below any major news story posted on the web and you’ll see your countrymen denouncing each other in bulk. Is this the glorious mess of democracy or a sign of something uglier?
Last month after Newtown, for example, we wept in disbelief and pain for a few days and then many of us set to shouting. Regulate guns, insisted one side, and you’ll stop children from dying. Take law-abiding citizens’ guns away, insisted the other, and you place us in greater danger and violate one of the nation’s most fundamental rights.
Simple, right? Just like these easy labels: Liberals are big-government-loving socialists who can’t stop taxing and wasting, damn them all. Conservatives are gun-loving, callous warmongers who don’t care about the common people. Pathetic.


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