Bigger Than 9/11?

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For the past few weeks there has been much speculation about an impending attack on Iran. Regular and valued contributors to this website have argued convincingly that an attack on Iran may well be imminent.

True, Washington’s neocons are desperate for a US strike to deactivate Tehran’s nuclear program and neutralise its potential threat to Israel. However, for the record this website does not think the attack will take place anytime soon and for a number of reasons.

First, Coalition forces are stretched to the limit in current theatres of operations and that strain is unlikely to ease in the near future. To open another front would jeopardise the Coalition’s already precarious position in Iraq and Afghanistan.

All of which is perfectly logical but by far the most convincing case put forward against an imminent attack is not based on reason or logic.

From time to time word gets through from a genuinely gifted psychic with a proven track record. Although he says that an attack on Iran is not going to happen just yet, what he “sees” is all the more ominous because of that.

As Big if Not Bigger

Before a US led strike on Iran commences expect to see false a flag operation in the US, he says, as big if not bigger than 9/11. This will trigger the US assault, which may well involve nuclear weapons.

The planning for a nuclear strike on Iran has already been done, all that’s needed is justification for an attack and that could come in the form of a false flag nuclear strike somewhere in the US. This would then be linked to Iran – in much the same way that 9/11 was initially linked to Afghanistan and Iraq – thereby opening the way for a full US nuclear strike on Iran.

This is well within US military capabilities, as it excells at high tech military aviation rather than basic boots on the ground soldiering, leaving its ground forces with very little to actually do.

Moreover, we are informed that a nuclear weapon has already been secreted somewhere in the US and there is some evidence to corroborate this. The device, we are told, has been hidden in a US city ready to be detonated when the time is right.

As to the actual timing, we have been told to expect the false flag sometime in the next few years.

Until then, expect to see a steady stream of disinformation about Iran and President Ahmadinejad, portraying both in the most devious and deceptive manner. An example of this may be found in the photos below.

Now we know that the photos of President Bush displaying the notorious “horned god” hand sign are genuine. The President, his wife and daughters have been photographed many times publicly flaunting the hand sign, including at his inauguration.

However, thus far we have only one photo of Ahmadinejad displaying the hand sign and as a reader has pointed out, his neck looks a little too long and out of proportion to the rest of his body, making the photo a possible faked montage.

We reserve judgement on that. We honestly don’t know and nor do we claim to know Ahmadinejad’s real motives but if it is a faked montage it is exactly the sort of disinformation we might expect. Diabolically inspired, in every sense of the term.

Finally our friend tells us to expect much “chest beating” from the US, which is exactly what is happening right now with the deployment of its Carrier Battle Groups and the build-up of US forces near Iran’s borders.

The scenario of an imminent clash with Iran being a dress rehearsal for a much bigger war some years down the line is certainly the lesser of the two evils. If only because it gives us more time spread the word and prepare.

However, our friend is insistent and he has not been wrong yet. One way or the other, we will know in the coming days.

President Ahmadinejad meets with the Britons before a throng of reporters.

Update – April 5, 2007

Perhaps what finally kills the idea of an imminent attack on Iran came yesterday; when the fifteen British captive sailors and marines were met by Ahmadinejad, shortly after he had announced their imminent return to Britain.

A throng of assembled media watched as the Britons, who looked pleased at the prospect of returning home met with the Iranian president. Wearing new suits they were greeted by a smiling Ahmadinejad who joked: “How are you? So you came on a mandatory vacation?”

It was a masterstroke and it caught the western mainstream media completely off guard. Even last night they were in “denial” as so-called experts on BBC’s flagship news program Newsnight still refused to acknowledge that Ahmadinejad had gained anything from the release.

Of course he has though. The whole exercise bought Iran a little more time and Ahmadinejad carried it of with such obvious good humour, as if to say: “We’re such nice guys. Look how well we’ve treated your captured sailors and marines. How can you ever think of attacking us?”

It might just work, at least for a while.