Was Aaron Swartz Murdered?

by Richard Evans – (henrymakow.com) Jan 19, 2013

Six days ago, an internet activist was found hung in his Brooklyn apartment.  The coroner and Media say he killed himself.   
Swartz was no Occupy Wall Street hippie.  At 27, he’d already reached the top of his field.  He was a software genius and Internet champion. He co-authored the “RSS 1.0″ a widely-used syndication format. he also co-founded Reddit which was sold to Conde Naste.  He founded Open Library, an internet database dedicated to obtaining public domain documents that had been appropriated by private interests.  He ‘hacked’ the Library of Congress database and uploaded it to Open Library making it available for free.   
The “social media” industry has virtually taken over every aspect of human communication.  This industry increasingly is synonymous with erosion of privacy and commercialism. The movie, ‘The Social Network’ glorified Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, as a ‘genius’ at betrayal of friends and classmates in order to get sex, money, and power.   
 Aaron Swartz wasn’t as famous as Mark Zuckerberg – but he was an effective advocate for freedom of information.  He wasn’t  billionaire, or even a millionaire, though he could have been.  Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig  said, “He never did anything for the money”. 


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