Django Unclean, X-Rated Hobbits and Reality TV Gurus

Reflections in Petri Dish – Jan 18, 2013

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I mentioned the film “Django Unchained” the other day. I have seen it and it is a vile piece of shit. Apparently it is stirring controversy in all sorts of places. Spike Lee is getting hammered and called an Uncle Tom for trashing the film. Dick Gregory appears to have lost his mind. Roots” is being called unreal and Django as being precise and powerful truth; insane in the membrane! What stuns me is that it got nominated for anything but I suspect the nomination process is similar to the way people win Nobel Prizes; speaking of complete absurdity. Tarantino is no stranger to gratuitous violence for nothing more than pandering effect. The last however many minutes of the films brings this out in graphic detail and also adds the outrageous and unbelievable, assisted by pure comic book effects.
What is truly strange and which came to my attention in the process of my research, is what is apparently happening in The Hobbit, which is supposedly filled with the use of the ‘N’ word. Peter Jackson says that’s how they talk in Middle Earth and that you can blame Tolkien, not him. I read The Hobbit any number of times and I don’t remember a single instance of the use of that word. I haven’t seen the film yet but I will in the next few days.
There is a massive amount of insanity going down these days. I came across so many outrageous news items that I just threw in the towel. Most of these came as links from a site called The Grio, where I wound up as a result of looking into responses to “Django Unchained”. However, there are all sorts of things that tweak my antenna; I thought the economy was in trouble (I lost the link to all these pricey weddings taking place in an English castle). I suppose it really depends on who you are. No matter what, public monies are still being spent on really important things where we all learn a lot. We also learn that the people directly responsible for specific injuries are not actually responsible. One thing for sure, one of Zionisms big ticket income zones is steaming right along. Let’s just go back to soft drinks being the blood of Jesus for a moment and check out PepsiCo; amazing folks, truly amazing. As anyone should know by now, it is the artificial sweeteners that are behind the massive weight gains in the places where people consume them from 55 gallon drums.
Germany wants its gold back, so the French have attacked Mali. It becomes increasingly clear that possibly most of the gold that was previously imagined to be in the Central Banks and much of which is tungsten filled, like some kind of bizarre financial Twinkies, is no longer anywhere that anyone knows about. It draws the mind back to The Twin Towers and all that gold that was there in the basement. Let’s face it, something truly weird is happening behind the scenes. We know that Israel and The Satanists are somehow involved in this massive disappearance of gold. I don’t care one way or another about gold myself, though I recognize that it means a great deal to a lot of other people, who equate it with a power it doesn’t confer, except in some temporary fashion.
This brings me back to Thiruvannamalai where I happen to be at the moment. I want to throw this out there so as to reinforce the way I felt shortly after I got here and the way I have been feeling in an increasing sense since. As you read down thru the commentary of people, who have been around here for years, you get an idea of what I have been saying about the impact of westerners on me as I move about through these environs. The sheer weight of phony gurus, in this area, is enough to sink the entire locale down into some subterranean smoke hole. I’ve been up close on some who have zero light and who come off with the same glib bullshit I have seen so many times, in so many places. It is embarrassing. It is offensive. It is like reality TV, with the same quotient of reality.
Last night, Gopal, my auto rickshaw driver stopped by and we were talking about some of these people. He really dislikes Mooji and has lots of experience with his trip here and the people who have come to see him. He thinks I should be doing this sort of thing and has offered to make up posters and publicize me for a series of public Satsangs (grin). That really made me laugh but it also warmed my heart. This guy is very hooked up here and when I had my problems some days ago, he stepped in and made everything work and is responsible for where I am and the fact that things were not a lot worse. Without him, I might have been duck soup.
I keep reminding myself that this is only a small part of India and there is no telling what might transpire at some further reach. Initially I wanted to go to Goa and Rishikesh; possibly to Varanasi as well …but my finances aren’t in order for these things, as it stands today. Still, you never know what can come out of the blue and if I am supposed to be certain places, I certainly will be.
The thing that impresses and disconcerts me, is that all of the things I was feeling in the first few weeks after I got here have turned out to be exactly what was percolating under the surface. Somehow, very soon after I got here, I had a very accurate read of everything taking place, without any actual exposure to it. Now, what I was feeling all along is confirmed every day and also elaborated on in the most uncanny ways. Gopal and I were driving into town yesterday, when he pulls alongside some guy on a bicycle and exchanges greetings. I noted the guy, a westerner of about my age; no real vibe to speak of. I thought he was some kind of tourist. As we ride away, Gopal tells me he is a spiritual teacher. Heh heh, I definitely didn’t get that but… maybe I don’t know what a spiritual teacher is anymore.
The only people who have impressed me here so far are Abul and Tulsia. They are authentic for certain and Abul is one of the most intelligent and articulate people I have met in a long time. He could set himself up as a spiritual teacher at any time but he’s got too much class and integrity for that. Also, some of his friends, like Wendel, the western artist from Indiana (years ago) have made an impression on me, with their humanness and in some cases, humor. Abul seems to know everyone and is a great collector of all the right people, with a couple of exceptions (grin) that turn out to be entertaining (from the perspective of a behavioral scientist) when not downright annoying. Between Abul and Gopal, we’re looking at real time ‘six degrees of separation’ at all times.
It is the usual uncanny that what happened to me, happened as soon as Abul left town, to go work on the books he is in the process of having published. It was an agonizing period for me but, typically, it is all now worked out …as if it never happened in the first place.
Sunday, I go to see a very insightful (so I am told) Ayurvedic doctor and that should prove interesting as I am prepared to begin dropping some long term habits that are probably not good for anyone, long term. I’m told he has the necessary remedies. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and now that is going to happen; at least I will experience the interaction. I had to wait two weeks for the appointment.
I must say that the biggest surprise for me here has been the large crowd of individuals running around and claiming to be enlightened. I would have expected that in Goa or Pune, where the Osho-b’gosh ashram is and nearly everything costs money and you have to exchange your money for Osho tokens and you can’t change them back if you want to leave. Lots of people are complaining about that place but I didn’t see the point in linking up all of these locations because the reader can find out all of this stuff on their own, should they have an interest. I’m not going to comment on Osho, which is actually what that’s all about because too many people will jump on me for my observations (grin); different strokes for different folks, I guess. One thing I have noticed about his followers, both when I was in Hawaii and later in Europe, was that nearly all of them were business people and a whole lot of them were instant pop-up gurus. There’s many of them scattered all over the landscape these days but that’s not really any of my business is it?
I’m thinking of writing a book along the lines of “Crime, Money and Spiritual Fraud”. I’ve certainly got the details and info. Ramana Maharshi was dead set against people charging money for spiritual teachings and you can add the names of just about every legitimate teacher to that particular perspective. Money comes when it’s needed, for the things it is needed for. That’s another section but… putting a price tag on what you present in this theater, immediately diminishes, dilutes and compromises whatever it is that you have to say. Certainly you can charge money for books, because it costs money to print and publish them but you can’t put a price tag on that which came to you through suffering, trial and experience, if the whole point is to create a dynamic that will spare others the pain of what you went through to possess the priceless. It’s a sticky wicket. Money is necessary for certain aspects of the operation but… the day to day contact, the personal contact should be free.
Someone recently told me that I should create paid, parallel websites to ensure that I would have an operating income from all of the things I do but… I figure, when needed, whatever is needed is going to come around at the required time. It’s not something I should be concerned with because that is someone, or something elses department. Enough for now.
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