Excerpt From The Transformation of America

Hilary Clinton briefly reveals her true character?

Even if they cannot be proved outright, Cathy O’Brien’s accusations are not easy to dismiss. The fact is that others have corroborated her claims about Hilary Clinton, notably the late Sherman Skolnick, who reported during Bill Clinton’s term of office:

“According to the frightened head of a medical clinic, some distance from the Clinton White House, who was promised anonymity by an interviewer, the following occurred:

A U.S. Secret Service guard, on his shift in the Clinton White House, had as an assigned task, to open or close certain designated doors. He reportedly opened a door, and routinely shined his flashlight in there. He saw what he claimed was the then First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in flagrante delicto, wriggling together with another woman, both naked. The other woman reportedly being Mary Caitrin Mahoney. [According to a later interview with those who knew Ms Mahoney since high school, she was a known, vocal lesbian. On the other hand, on a radio broadcast, long-time once Clinton campaign advisor, Dick Morris, contended Bill Clinton’s sexual problems stem from his lesbian “wife”.]

The medical clinic chief doctor contends he examined the identification document of the Secret Service guard who arrived at the clinic bleeding profusely from his head. The doctor asked: What happened? Answer: I saw something on my shift I was not supposed to know. The First Lady grabbed a heavy metal object, apparently an ash tray, and struck me in the head. Question: Why have you come such a distance while bleeding, to have your head wound treated here? Are there not medical facilities in or near the White House? Answer: my supervisor said I have to get help a distance away, to cause no White House problems.

While the doctor and his associates stitched up the wounded head, as part of his record keeping, he took pictures of the Secret Service guard, his credentials, pictures and x-rays of the wound before and after treatment, and related matters. In relating this to an interviewer, he emphasized, “If you reveal my identity, and that of my relative that put you in touch with me, we are both DEAD. Do you understand?” The interviewer assured the doctor by mentioning various past episodes where he absolutely refused to divulge witnesses and sources.”

Mary Caitrin Mahoney was subsequently “taken out” at the Starbucks Coffee Shop, in an intelligence-agency style “hit”, in the heart of the District of Colombia. Did she know too much or was what she knew perceived as a threat to the Clinton’s dynasty?

Either way, Hilary Clinton has already received the elite seal of approval to run for the White House after she reportedly attended the 2006 Bilderberg meeting in Ottawa, Canada.

Is she being lined up to take over from George W. Bush? And is it no more than a coincidence that like George W. Bush with his late night encounters with a known male prostitute, that Hilary Clinton is reported to have strong homosexual tendencies.

Or could it be that such sexual perversions make the likes of Bush and Clinton easier to control by the real powers that be? Watch the video clip linked above decide for yourself.

So will the Bush dynasty be replaced with an updated version of the Clinton dynasty with the same tendency for lies, war and sexual perversion? Only this time with a supposed “liberal” bias as opposed to Bush’s supposed “conservatism.”

And will the center of slaughter shift from Iraq to Iran and consume even more lives in an ever growing Holocaust?

Or will people finally wake-up to the real nature of political power in the modern world? A reality where many of our leaders are driven not by idealism but by a lust for power which is in turn fed by diabolical forces?

Does that sound as outlandish as claims about Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction? Or that invading Iraq would rid it of “Saddam’s tyranny” and bring “peace and democracy”? Or that Barak Obama is a