Defender of Misogynists and Apartheid Israel

The Dirt on Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz has become perhaps the most prominent spokesman for Israeli interests, and is also famous for defending famous alleged wife-killers such as Claus von Bulow and OJ Simpson, just to name a few. He has also been caught plagiarizing and putting forth lies (say it aint¹ so!) in his books, such as his ³The Case for Israel². Norman Finkelstein has done a great job of skewering Dershowitz with regards to this.

Dershowitz sure knows how to deal the dirt, but can he take it? Apparently not. But here is some dirt on Dershowitz, a Jewish-American Zionist, that he has thus far successfully kept out of view from the general public due to his formidable litigious talents and disproportional access to the Zionized US media.

According to Jack Leavitt, a San Francisco-based attorney and novelist and a contemporary of Dershowitz, Alan Dershowitz has a big skeleton in his closet.

Here it is in all its scary, creepy details:

Alan Dershowitz was married to a woman with whom he had two young sons, as he was climbing the ladder of success as a famous attorney.

You will be hard pressed to find anything about his first wife, not even her name, if you try a google-search. Even Zionized wikipedia only mentions this wife as wife number 1, and that Œs it. No name. No more details. Just that he had a first wife by whom he had two sons, Elon and Jamin, and a google-search on them will reveal very little, and nowhere is the name of their mother.

According to Jack Leavitt, Dershowitz¹s first wife found out that he was having an affair with another woman.

His wife became enraged and brashly took many of Dershowitz¹s important legal papers from cases he was handling and tossed them into the street to be scattered by the winds to and fro.

In response, Alan Dershowitz allegedly pummeled and beat his wife up so badly that she had to be hospitalized. He then took custody of their two young sons, divorced and stripped his wife of financial support except for the bare minimum allowed.

She then killed herself by jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. Alan Dershowitz promptly took a lie detector test to prove his ³innocence² that he did not kill her.

Then Dershowitz used all of his clout available at his disposal to keep the news out of the newspapers, and to make sure that this sordid episode in his life went down the memory hole.

But unfortunately, some people still remember. And now there is the internet. Word gets around. When it comes to a wife-beater, plagiarist and defender of killers and racist Israel, I hope it does.