Mikhail Gorbachov and the Plunder of the USSR

Tamara – henrymakow.com Jan 13, 2013

Mikhail Gorbachev was awarded with a Novel Peace Prize in 1990 for ending both the Cold war and the  Soviet Union, where he was the the last President. 
In his early career as a local communist leader in Stavropol, Gorbachev was known for collecting bribes in envelops.  Stavropol folks gave him the nick name Mishka Convert (an envelop, RUS). The size of Gorbachev’s  bribes grew over time to include the Nobel  Peace Prize. 
According to Professor Igor Panarin the collapse of the USSR was an inside job of British intelligence and Zbigniew Brzezinski who is a “British” (i.e. Illuminati) agent in USA. Gorbachev was a key person in British and American Secret Service operations.  Now Gorbachev is accused of the large-scale theft of gold (2000 tons) and foreign exchange reserves in the organized criminal gangs. 
“Under [the guise of] non-existent projects”, Bill Clinton said,  “the Soviet Union gave us over 20,000 tons of copper, nearly 50,000 tons of aluminum, 2,000 tons of cesium, beryllium, strontium, and so on …”
 “Not firing a shot and without losing a single soldier”, Clinton said, “the United States with the help of Gorbachev and his group demonstrated a fundamentally new method of demolition, brilliantly won the Third World War, crushed, dismembered and erased from the map of the World its main opponent, leaving him lying face down in the dirt and chaos, and to appeal to a recent mortal enemy for help and mercy. All as intended by the Americans.” http://gorojanin-iz-b.livejournal.com/41150.html
“To conceal his criminal activities, Gorbachev did not even spare his friend with whom he betrayed his homeland. Robert Maxwell , English businessman, like hundreds of other agents of influence, was killed to keep secret the plunder of the wealth of Russia. 
From August to October 1991, Gorbachev’s ordered the KGB to murder almost 2000 key persons related to the plunder of USSR assets. There were 1746 mysterious suicides of the high-ranking Soviet officials. 
Gorbachev’s criminal group called “the family” joined Boris Yeltsin’s new group and continued their asset stripping. 
 During the eight years of the Yeltsin’s criminal regime, about ten million people  died of hunger and deprivation. Countries where gold, diamonds, & other USSR assets and many hundreds of billions of dollars were siphoned  were not interested in returning stolen in Russia.


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