Hitler’s British Handler

by Henry Makow Ph.D. – (“The British Agent at Hitler’s Ear” updated from Oct. 2009) 

A meeting between F.W.Winterbotham, Head of the Air Section in the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), and SIS agent Baron de Ropp, right, on the Baltic shore in East Prussia, 1936.

The name “Baron Willam de Ropp” isn’t well known. There is just one photo available, and only a short Wikipedia entry. Yet he was a British agent who may have been Hitler’s handler.Hitler’s “daring” diplomatic & military coups, which astounded the world, were based on advanced knowledge of British intentions provided by de Ropp.

That’s not Baron de Ropp in the picture. That’s Ernst (“Putzi”) Hanfstaengl, another Allied agent at the heart of Hitler’s entourage. Both men add credence to the argument that the Illuminati created Hitler to foment world war. More about Putzi later.

According to Ladislas Farago, William de Ropp was “one of the most mysterious and influential clandestine operators” of the era. Born in Lithuania in 1877, educated in Germany, he moved to England in 1910.  After serving the British in World War One, he moved to Berlin and contacted fellow Balt, Nazi theoretician Alfred Rosenberg who introduced him to Hitler.

De Ropp worked closely with Rosenberg, who headed the Nazi Party Foreign Office. The Nazis considered him their agent in England where he organized support for the Nazi cause among a powerful segment of the Britsh elite known as the “Cliveden Set.”  He organized visits of high officials and exchanges of information. In this congenial atmosphere, the Luftwaffe naively opened its secrets to the British.This was part of a larger Illuminati plan (“Appeasement”) to make Hitler think England would support his conquest of Communist Russia.

Farago: “A close personal relationship developed between the Fuhrer and de Ropp. Hitler, using him as his confidential consultant  about British affairs, outlined to him frankly his grandiose plans…a trust no other foreigner enjoyed to this extent.” (“The Game of the Foxes” p.88)

In  “King Pawn or Black Knight,” (1995) Gwynne Thomas writes:   “The Nazi leader took an instant liking to him, particularly when he discovered that de Ropp had powerful connections among English society and was well informed about much of what was happening in London. De Ropp not only enjoyed [Hitler’s] confidence but became his spokesman in dealings with the many important British people Hitler wished to influence…there is strong evidence that de Ropp was instrumental in raising funds in the City of London to finance several of the Nazi election campaigns which ensured that by the end of 1933 the Nazi party was totally established and in control.”  (p.25)

A British agent funded, advised and represented Hitler. At what point was Hitler himself a “British” agent?


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  1. Several correspondents have written in to inform us that Henry Makow is in error here.

    One, a former intelligence operative with some insider knowledge from the time, informs us that Hitler was NOT a British agent. He writes:

    There was a large body of thought in England in MI6 and the aristocracy, that thought Hitler should be assisted to stop Russia’s communist advance, and it was these people that educated me as a young man.

    So I cross- checked the secret files at every chance. Hitler’s parents recently had their graves dug up in part to test their DNA for Rothschild genes, none were found. So Makow is wrong here, Hitler was no Rothschild.

    Neither were any of the top Nazis homosexual, the protection of children act 1938, meant any homosexuality became a crime for which you could be put in the work camps.

    Hitler warned in his book Mein Kampf or My Struggle, that communism would come under a new guise, and this is what we have now in Britain and the USA, where establishment mouthpieces like Alex Jones and David Icke still keep warning about Nazis.

    I have no political leanings in any direction except to find the truth.

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