Sanctions on Iran may backfire

So the Zionist moneymen think they have scored a major victory by blackmailing smaller countries into going along with UN resolution 1747 imposing sanctions against Iran.

Well they are in for a surprise!

Let’s start with UN sanctions that were imposed against Apartheid South Africa. It was thanks to these sanctions that South Africa today is one the most industrialised countries in Africa. Sanctions allowed South Africa to launch it’s industrialisation program and it succeeded in developing the country from an import dependent colony of Britain to a fully self sufficient power house of Africa.
Advances were made in Agriculture, Industry, civil infrastructure, Nuclear and academic fields. South Africa produced one of the best scientists and technologists in the world. Sanctions in effect liberated South Africa from dependency.

Iranians will do the same. Thanks to their long and rich history, culture and a strong believe in Islam they are no pushovers. Iranians have developed very high levels of both military and civil technology, have good infrastructure and enjoy certain amount of self sufficiency in food production, and unlike South Africa have black gold. Iran will defeat the sanctions and come out much stronger.

The hatred that Zionists harbour against Muslims, is blinding them and leading to their own defeat. Israel has lost in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. Taking on Iran is the final nail in the coffin of the Zionists.

Global world trade and finance, which is based on exploitation of the weak and the poor, and by stealing the resources of the developing countries needs an overhaul and sanctions are just the medicine that will unravel this one sided exploitation. Iran, Venezuela and few other anti-Israel countries can opt out of the global financial system and initiate barter in goods and services and use gold for balancing out the surpluses that any one country may accumulate.

Millions in the third world countries have lost everything they had and are starving to death, and dying from poverty, hunger and disease due to the Zionist imposed wars and conflicts.

Third world countries can put an end to this misery imposed on them by interest based monetary institutions, such as the World Bank, IMF, Wall Street and Bank of England, by using the barter system, Gold and other commodities as monetary instruments.

As it is the global financial system is about to self destruct sooner or later because of the ponzi style financial schemes created by Zionist bankers and fraudsters. The sooner any country opts out of this ponzi scheme the better it will be for their own survival

Iran must therefore be thankful for this great opportunity of opting out of the Zionist world system.