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Commentary – Jan 10, 2012

The authorities have long used supposed anti-authoritarian activists to further their agenda and Alex Jones recent rant on CNN is the latest example.
As even the target of his rant, Piers Morgan says, Alex Jones outburst “was the best advertisement for gun control you could have wished for”.
Piers Morgan went on to say that Jones’s “vitriol, hatred, and zealotry is really quite scary” and that was precisely the intention. For Jones’s bluster was nothing more than a calculated attempt to demonise opponents of gun control through association and scaremongering.
Thereby helping to smooth the passage for stricter gun legislation, which is exactly what the authorities want.
While helping to smear opponents of gun control, Jones is nonetheless very selective where he directs his outbursts of vitriol. For example, he studiously avoids any criticism of Zionism and the state of Israel on his show.
In fact he has gone out of his way a number of times to defend the Zionist state.
That may be because the attorneys representing Alex Jones also happen to represent the Bronfmans, the same Canadian banking dynasty who are known as avid supporters of Zionism.
The fact that Jones shares the same powerful and expensive attorneys as the Bronfman has led some to suspect that he may be an agent provocateur, like Hal Turner.
However, even if Jones is an agent provocateur he is still a very well connected and well-heeled one. He must be. How else could he afford to employ the same attorneys as the Bronfman family?
Of course we are not the first to point out Alex Jones connections to the Bronfmans or his role as a Zionist shill. Brother Nathanael Kapner has done so as did William Cooper, author of the best selling Behold a Pale Horse, before he was shot dead in his home in Arizona in 2001.
Interestingly enough, Cooper was shot dead only weeks after he exposed Alex Jones as a fraud.
Nonetheless, it’s worth remembering that shills and disinformation agents can assume any guise if it suits there purpose. From rabid white supremacists like Hal Turner, who actually worked as an FBI informant and passed on information about extremist groups to his handlers, to Alex Jones playing the outraged U.S. citizen haranguing Bilderberg attendees with a bullhorn.
The old saying by Dr Samuel Johnson that “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel” is particularly appropriate here. For despite his betraying them, Hal Cooper claimed he informed on neo-Nazis, anti-Semitic activists and white supremacists out of sheer patriotism.
No doubt Alex Jones would likewise defend himself if confronted by accusations of being an agent provocateur too.
However even as he claims to expose the globalist threat to America, Alex Jones uses such exposé’s to help divert attention from a Zionist menace of equal magnitude. Making him, in effect an artful agent of disinformation. 
Even without a bullhorn, word about Alex Jones is spreading and not before time.