On the Road in Search of the Hidden Visible

Visible Origami – Jan 10, 2013

Dog, Monkey and we will see the elephant transmitting…….
May all your orifices be sanctified and cleansed.
This is Origami, so you know I’m going to talk about the divine. I have no problem with saying the word, God …but sometimes other people do. There is a lot of debate about the word and the idea all across these once shining seas. I’m not qualified to speak for God, I just know there is one. A lot of people don’t believe in God; that’s their lookout. It doesn’t change anything in me because I absolutely know that there is a God. I have had it proven to me more times than I can recall. My entire life has been affected by God. It has not been easy or always pleasant but that comes with the territory of that undiscovered kingdom. Then I do discover it, here and there, when it wants to appear.
The amount of terrible things going on is truly impressive. This is only some of what I’ve seen in the last week. You can expect these things, in the times of the fall of empires and the recycling of cultures. People lose their moral compass in droves. The previous glues that held them together disappear, or become seemingly irrelevant. People don’t seem to know where they are going and many don’t even appear to care. Conscience has gone the way of so many things, forced into irrelevance by the paucity of values. Values are not what they were, although there are quite a few shrieking hysterics to the left and right, who decry the absence of what they don’t practice, in a kind of redundant and persistent hypocrisy, where they make the rules up as they go along.
Strange and violent acts of nature are becoming more commonplace, like those tornadoes of fire in Australia. I don’t know where it’s all headed but I’m going to track in the direction of the divine, believing that to be the sanest course at any time. “Though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven”.
The atmosphere for me here is intense. As noted, I’ve been unable to post for some days and have, for the most part, confined myself to my quarters. I expect that to change and know that it will but I really need time to process the aura of this place. Yesterday I opened my front door to find a large monkey sitting on my stair railing eating a tortilla. I suspect it was the remaining tortilla from my friend Gopal Krishna’s lunch here yesterday. Gopal is an auto-rickshaw driver and the one piece of gained wisdom I will pass on to you is to make one your friend. They know where everything is at and the price of things and the cost of experiences can be dramatically reduced. Gopal has been of significant help to me. Another person who has been of immense help is Deva, the son of my landlords. He’s arranging everything for me it seems. This morning he came up to get my laundry to transfer it to the person who does it and he wants to know if I want coffee or tea, or anything. What a trip. These people genuinely want to be of service.
Conversely, there is this fellow here who has become so incensed with me, over calling him on some comments he made, that he has even taken to contacting people I know here, in an attempt to diminish my profile. Well, it did not have the effect he might have wanted but no doubt he can do me some damage out there in the wider reality of Thiruvanamalai. I have always had that peculiar effect on people to where they really, really like me or very much do not like me. There seems to be no real middle ground. I blame it all on God, everything that has to do with me (grin). I mean that, of course, in the reverse sense. However, if you rely on God for everything then you are also permitted to lay it all at his door. If you are relying on yourself then you already have a door where it can be laid and will be laid.
These things make practical common sense to me but certainly not to everyone. I literally consider any other point of view to be dangerous and insane; no doubt I am viewed in a like manner by some others but these are the things I have proven out to myself, over the course of painful experience. These are the things I have proven out to myself over the course of relentless observation.
I don’t know much and I try not to know more than what is good for me. Knowledge bears, is attended by, responsibility because you act on the information you possess. It shapes your world view and values and it colors your reality. I would rather have these things shaped in me by a higher power. Otherwise it seems to me that one is negotiating busy and unpredictable streets and seas like an unattended 6 year old. Instead of having one’s hand in the hand of a wiser adult, or an unseen hand on the tiller.
I’m still having some degree of technical problems and getting set up here has required a lot more expense and ingenuity than I expected but, once you are set up that all becomes considerably reduced. It is like that Chinese hexagram; “difficulty at the beginning”. I applaud myself for stepping back and staying out of sight, that is a new development for me. It bespeaks a maturity that I had hitherto not possessed. Maybe in some strange way I am growing up. I miss certain people and animals these days, far more than ever in the past and I suspect that means I am going to be profoundly changed at some point. I can certainly feel it and it is thrilling and alarming at the same time. I’ve had a lot of close calls of a certain kind over recent years and not the sort of thing you would expect in someone, who by this time should possess good judgment and some modicum of restraint.
Dreaming here has been an event. I hesitate to illustrate any because sometimes I get yelled at for that. However, last night’s was a real trip. I was in some beautiful resort location, meeting a lot of people and also having conflicts with a number of them who were batshit crazy. I was interacting with a number of women of a certain indeterminate age and at one point, this rather attractive lady came up to me and said, “I want to talk to you. I know you’re getting an amount of attention from others here and I wanted to put my case forward in advance of anything happening”. We got to this palatial estate, which was her home and she went to a table and laid out all these stock certificates. She said, “As you can see I am very, very rich and these are only a part of it. I want to marry you, or live with you. I have divorced my husband since yesterday. Please consider my offer. I am nicer than the other women around here and you will find that out. I know I’m chattering like a magpie but that is because I am drunk and could not have approached you this way otherwise”. The dream had the most eerie and HD reality to it. It was like lucid dreaming. I woke up laughing to myself about the contents of the dream. Many other things happened but it would take some time to detail them.
India is such a unique place, a contradiction of so many opposites and of conditions and events taking place that you just wouldn’t see anywhere else because it is a nation founded on longstanding spiritual understandings. Of course, some Christians would take me to task on that but they would be wrong and all religions originate, in one way or another, out of here, with the exception of Islam. Christ traveled in India and the east for 18 years and one would have to attribute much of his teachings being influenced by his time away; not that I put a lot of stock in much of the Zio-altered Bible… no offense intended. There just appear to be many slants that don’t wash with my understanding. Arguably, that is the case with any religion. I like my Divine contact to be direct, in any case.
Well, my friends, it is time for me to go, I’m got some appointments today. which I hope are going to be fairly positive and possibly address certain conditions, in myself, which I would like to see changed. I’m also supposed to be writing a book with Abul, so… I promise not to stay away so long again as has been true of this initial period of transition. Love to all.
End Transmission…….

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