Author Replies to Defenders of Satanist Child-Killers – Jan 9, 2013

Pat wrote in response to “Liberals Liberate Child Murderers”: I think that these guys may be innocent for several reasons. First of all, they, particularly Echols fit the usual stereotypes regarding Satanism and what Satanists “look” like. As we all know, serious, practicing Satanists usually look like your next-door neighbor, probably go to church or synagogue regularly and look like decent, upstanding citizens.
Secondly, it was assumed from the beginning that teenagers messing around with Satanism must have committed the crimes and no adults, including family members of the boys were investigated. In fact, Damien Echols’ was named right away as probably being responsible for the crimes by police officer, Steve Jones.
Again, as we all know, police have a long history of covering up for real Satanic groups. Const. Jones sounds like a “place man” who was there to misdirect the investigation.
In addition, Misskelly was interrogated for many hours before he finally confessed and had a low IQ of 72. There was a lot of evidence that was ignored and not properly investigated. Some of this evidence includes semen, blood and possible bite marks. Much of the other evidence was collected in a sloppy manner and the bodies were removed from the water before the coroner arrived. There was also a good possibility that the boys were killed somewhere else and placed there.
I believe that these three teens could have been fall guys for the real perpetrators and also used later on (being freed from prison) to discredit people who believe that the practice of Satanism is real and make them look like crackpots. 

Misskelley confessed his guilt four separate times! 

by  William Ramsey – (author of “Abomination: Devil Worship & Deception”) 

First point: Outside of any stereotypes or clothing styles, the actions of Echols prior to the murders are damning.  Exhibit 500 alone abundantly indicates his obsession with witchcraft and his mental instability.  I cite from this evidentiary record in my book.

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