Liberals Liberate Child Murderers – West Memphis Three

by William Ramsey – ( Jan 8, 2013

In 2011, three men convicted of murdering three eight-year-old boys were released from prison in Arkansas.
The ritual murders of Steven Branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers on May 5, 1993 drew national media attention to West Memphis, Arkansas. 
Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jesse Misskelley, Jr., commonly known as the West Memphis Three, left the Arkansas penal system free men after nineteen years in prison.   Amid claims of Satanism and witchcraft involved in the horrific murders, the West Memphis Three declared they were targeted by authorities for wearing black and enjoying heavy metal music. In fact they had a long history of satanic activity
Public interest in the crimes was created by Paradise Lost, a 1996 HBO (Hebrew Box Office) documentary which made the case that the West Memphis Three were unjustly convicted.  Like other past cause celebre killers such as Mumia Abu Jamal and Jack Abbott, numerous Hollywood celebrities and world renowned musicians rallied to the cause, including the following:
Peter Jackson, Henry Rollins, Natalie Maines, Eddie Vedder, Johnny Depp, Metallica, Disturbed, L7, Trey Parker, Jack Black, Winona Ryder, Will Ferrell, Robert Smith, Patti Smith, Marilyn Manson, Shepard Fairey, Tom Waits, Clive Barker, Peter Straub, Margaret Cho, Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy, Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, Axl Rose, Iggy Pop, Steve Earle, Hank Williams III, Chuck D, Mandy Moore and Demi Lovato. This proves Hollywood is a stronghold of Satanism; and many movie stars and musicians are cult members. 1
These celebs raised an estimated $10-20 million to hire the best attorneys and public relations professionals to apply pressure upon the Arkansas legal system.  This pressure paid off: the West Memphis Three were released from prison in November of 2011.  This release supposedly represented a triumph of justice against a shamelessly biased police department and a good ol’ boy Arkansas court system.
After their release, the West Memphis Three traveled the country speaking about their harrowing experience.  Damien Echols even penned a best-selling book, Life After Death, which recounts his nineteen year ordeal on death row in Varner Supermax prison.  To this day, members of the West Memphis Three pronounce their innocence to the American public on radio programs and on nationally televised shows such as Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, Eliot Spitzer and The View.


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