Alex Jones’ Mission – Discredit Gun Owners

Chris Haywood – Jan 8, 2013

What on earth did we witness Monday night? So many questions. Alex Jones was on Piers Morgan’s CNN show, ranting and raving like a lunatic, whilst Piers just sat there and took it.

Why was Alex on the show?

Alex was on the show for one reason. The station his show is on is an affiliate of time warner. He is not an independent broadcaster. Alex is as much a part of the same system as Piers Morgan. When you think in terms of association, Alex is to Warner as Glenn Beck is to Fox. He fulfills a purpose, and attracts a fringe audience, an audience that pays subscription fees to GCN (via So Alex was on the show because he is a ‘TV’, presenter. He’s like a specialist reporter, a TV personality and an agent provocateur all rolled into one.
For an example of an independent broadcaster, think William Cooper, who did it all by himself.

Why did he shout, and rant so much?

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