The Fallacy of Indigenous Nationhood

by Kevin Annett – (abridged by Jan 7, 2013

Indigenous nationhood, like Democracy or Christianity, is a wonderful idea; and wonderfully absent, in practice.
None of us have ever actually experienced these ideals – and yet how passionately we pretend to. In truth, we settle for cheap facsimiles of these visions that our various rulers convince us are the Real Deal. And sadly, we’ve believed their lie for so long that even now we teach it to one another, and to our children.
Let me leave aside the matter of Democracy, and Christianity, since I’m sure my gentle readers will need little convincing that marking ten ballots in one’s lifetime and sitting in boredom in a church pew for an hour doesn’t amount to much of anything. But I expect I’ll have tougher sledding when it comes to tackling the fallacy of Indigenous nationhood.
The hard historical truth is that all genuine indigenous nations were historically uprooted and expunged by European colonialism within a few generations of contact.
All of them.
On average, more than 90% of the indigenous people and their nations in the western hemisphere were eventually exterminated by European weapons and diseases, starting with the oldest people, the learned, and the carriers of tradition and authority. The butchery began in 1492 in the Caribbean and ended around 1910 on Canada’s west coast.
Killing off ninety percent of a people means, effectively, killing off all of a people. Recovery and continuity is impossible, especially after the children of the remnant populaces endure the massive brainwashing and cultural re-cloning fondly called Christian Education.
What remains today in the wake of this worst massacre in human history are not even pale imitations of those original nations, but something altogether new: namely, “ab-original” societies, manufactured by the conquering powers of church and state. For ab-original means, according to any dictionary, not of the original group.


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