Illuminati Jewry: A Biologist’s View

by Cassibon – ( Jan 6, 2013

[Editor’s Note: The author has a graduate degree in biochemistry and is well versed in the Judeo Masonic Conspiracy. His view is extreme but I present it for discussion. Can the parasite destroy the host without destroying itself? Would it? ] 

Jews are a gathering of several ethnic groups united through a particular “cultural platform” that allows them to distinguish themselves from the rest of humanity. 
They are told from childhood that God chose them as His people, and the rest of us were created to be their slaves. Thus, they can freely use, abuse, and if they please, even kill us without this being seen by God as a sin and by their lawmakers as a crime. 
Their social structure is based on the unconditional control of their religious leaders who dictate to the Jewish community a tribal vision, inherited from ancient times when most of humanity had a very similar vision. 
The Jewish priesthood built a straitjacket for the Jewish community which gave them absolute power; even their kings were afraid of the priest caste. 
While this tribal vision allowed them to preserve their identity; inevitably it contains the seeds of antagonism and conflict with any society they interact with. This explains the pogroms and the banishment of the Jews. 


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