Cloud Atlas – Hollywood’s Depraved Occult Fantasy

by Katy (a Reader) – ( Dec 31, 2012

Today I watched Cloud Atlas after hearing rave reviews. I was expecting an inspiring and thought provoking masterpiece, as promised by the critics, but I found one of the most twisted and blatant Satanic NWO propaganda films I’ve ever seen.
Under the guise of promoting spiritual awakening, karma, and reincarnation, we are transported into the fractured worlds of a handful of characters, during their various lifetimes.
Over a 2 1/2 hour mishmash of bizarre relationships and events, we are bombarded with everything from slavery to homosexuality, from cannibalism to human cloning.
In the first few scenes, we see a young man, Robert Frobisher, climb into a bathtub to commit suicide, with a background narrative stating that “suicide takes tremendous courage.”
Shortly after the suicide, we are taken back in time to see Frobisher in a previous life, engaging in an illicit gay love affair. This scene is set in the 1930s, and begins with a closeup of a his tattooed butt with another naked body beside him.
As the camera zooms out, we see that the other naked body is also a man (Rufus Sixsmith). As usual, the gay couple is portrayed as the victims, with Frobisher being forced to flee the hotel in order to keep their affair secret.
As they make ‘cute’ jokes and tenderly kiss goodbye, we are presented with the epitome of the perfect man: physically strong, yet sensitive and loving, and of course quirky and funny.
Through our empathy, we are seduced into feeling sorry for them, and overlooking the disgust and violation that we felt after being forced to witness their naked intimacy without warning or consent. This entire scene is designed to promote the Illuminati’s homosexual agenda, leading us to accept homosexuality as normal human behavior.


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