Jewish Banker Funded American Revolution – Dec 30, 2012

Two abridged accounts of Chaim Salomon’s life are posted below.
Reading between the lines, clearly he was the conduit for the Illuminati Jewish funds that financed the American Revolution.
All major revolutions (English, American, French and Russian) were engineered by these bankers using as instrument Freemasonry, a satanic cult based on the Jewish Cabala.
Revolution was designed to sweep away the old order based on God, and bring in a satanic world government where evil is good, sick is healthy and falsehood is truth. Replacing God with Satan is the true meaning of “revolution,” and the NWO.
These bankers created the US to advance this goal. This explains why the majority of founders, Presidents and Congressmen were (and are) Freemasons; and why Masonic symbolism is everywhere.
It also explains why, having served its purpose, the US is now being undermined. During the current fiscal cliff crisis, the words of James Wardner resonate clearly:
“I am here to tell you that the declining American standard of living has been PLANNED from the beginning…at the highest levels of American government – a plan to fail, a plan to create insecurity and uncertainty, a plan to make the American people serfs in the New World Order!” THE PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA (1993)
Humanity is in the grip of a satanic cult. Most of our “leaders” belong. What possibly could go wrong?

Haym Salomon: The Rest of the story

by Michael Fineberg – (

IN the pantheon of American Jewish heroes, Haym Salomon (1740-1785) has attained legendary status. His life was brief and tumultuous, but his impact on the American imagination was great.
The U.S. Postal Service issued a stamp hailing Salomon as a “Financial Hero of the American Revolution.” A monument to Salomon, George Washington and Robert Morris graces East Wacker Drive in Chicago and Beverly Hills, California, is home to an organization called the American Jewish Patriots and Friends of Haym Salomon.
However, Salomon’s life was not all triumph.

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