Guess What Foxman? American’s Don’t Give a Damn!

I for one am not at all surprised to read that eighty-percent of Americans still hold Mel Gibson in high regard, and that a mere six percent say they’ll never see a Gibson film again, I’ve been saying it all along, the vast majority of Americans don’t give a damn that Gibson made some anti-Semitic remarks, they don’t care about Jews anymore than anyone else.[1] You wouldn’t know it though, not if one were to rely on the coverage of the mainstream kosher media, you know the very media that claims to represent the American people, they’ve had nothing but condemnation for Mel from the very beginning. Fox News, the alleged “conservative,” and “fair and balanced” network has been working Mr. Gibson over pretty good, bringing on Jew after Jew and their pathetic Shabbas Goy hacks like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, who claim to really like Gibson, but never forget to properly condemn him first, for his “scurrilous,” and “unfair,” remarks in regards to the poor persecuted Jew.

A recent Fox News poll, albeit a poll not even once mentioned over the airwaves, i.e television, revealed the following:

“The latest FOX News poll finds that 6 percent of Americans say they “definitely” will not go to see Gibson’s movies in the future and another 10 percent say they “probably” won’t go, while eight out of 10 people say his arrest and negative comments about Jewish people will not make a difference to them… Men (83 percent) are slightly more likely than women (77 percent), and Republicans (83 percent) are a bit more likely than Democrats (75 percent) to say the incident will not make a difference in their decision to see Gibson’s movies.”[2]

Then there’s CNN, who has thoroughly covered the “Gibson incident,” never forgetting to remind the viewer about Mel’s bad dad, you know, the “holocaust denier.[3]” MSNBC has jumped on the bandwagon too with Tucker Carlson adding his useless and philo-Semitic fare. The funny thing is – despite the media’s greatest efforts; and Mel’s pathetic conduct in relation to apology, Americans still like Gibson and intend to see his movies. It’s the funniest thing – the media is starting to seriously lose it’s credibility and it’s losing it over some remarks made by a relatively forgettable and unremarkable person, after all, in the end, all Gibson is, is just an actor, director and producer.

Many people find this writer strange, I frequently ask people I’ve never met before, sometimes in impromptu and inappropriate settings and situations, like at the mall or library, how they feel about various issues, i.e. “do you believe the ‘official government version,’ of 9-11,” or “how do you really feel about illegal immigration,” but as a result of engaging in this rather odd and often invasive approach, I long ago figured out that the media is generally full of shit and that nothing reported by it can be trusted.

Consider this – many of us know that more than eighty percent of the American public disapproves of illegal immigration and does not want the twenty million illegal aliens, illegally residing in this country at present to receive amnesty. Despite being a true bipartisan issue, these criminals will receive amnesty, not because the American people want them to, but because our traitorous government officials and the Jewish media want them to. The media will never stop emphasizing the alleged positive aspects of illegal immigrants, sure they’ll pay the idea of deporting them some lip service, but only for the fool’s benefit, when it comes right down to it, the media will always bring on immigrant advocates and present them in a positive light, whereas they’ll bring on the least articulate anti-illegal-immigrant spokespersons and portray them in a negative light, insinuating that they’re somehow racists, and/or thanks to the traitor George Bush, vigilantes, as if that were such a terrible thing. By doing this the media hopes to have its cake and eat it too – ultimately it wants more and more immigrants to enter the United States of America, it divides the population, and prevents citizens from developing a consensus on any issue, leaving our current government and the media in absolute and total command, machiavellian tactics at their finest.

The media will never “get a clue,” and come around to the true American point of view and/or what the public wants. It doesn’t have to; it knows it can make the public do as it likes. In 1940 fully eighty percent of the American people were strongly opposed to becoming involved in Europe’s war, it was a European problem, not an American concern. However, thanks to the media and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the American people eventually “came around,” to the point of view of Roosevelt and the media. What the media never mentioned was that Roosevelt engaged in a foreign policy approach that virtually guaranteed that Japan would attack the United States, Roosevelt’s policies left them no choice whatsoever, he was strangling them economically by placing embargoes on vital raw materials, oil included. Because the typical American was unaware of what Roosevelt was really doing to the Japanese in the Pacific, they were outraged when Japan “cowardly” attacked the United States on December 7, 1941, and they fully supported their President when he declared war on Japan, and Germany soon after. Of course Germany was the real target, but no matter, America would come around to his point of view in the end.

In the same manner the media misinforms the American people about the occupation of Iraq and the fiasco in Afghanistan. It reports what it likes, and suppresses the rest. Mel Gibson is really nothing more than a titillating story designed to do two things, draw the publics attention away from important issues, like Bush’s failed experiment in the Middle east and the public’s growing suspicion that he and the Israel’s may have had something to do with 9-11, and to teach the public a lesson about what happens when someone dares to mention the word “Jew,” in relation to anything but the most altruistic and benevolent of causes.

Wake up America, you’re being taken for a ride.

[3] Holocaust skepticism is another issue the Mainstream Media would love to convince the American public is an unacceptable thing to do, but like the Gibson incident, most Americans couldn’t give a damn if someone questions details associated with the so-called holocaust.