Ugly Truth About Celebrities We Adored

By Will – Dec 27, 2012

This book should come with a Health Warning. At times I felt physically sick. 
Brice Taylor was chosen pre-birth for Illuminist mind-control and ritual abuse because her family were generational Satanists. 
Brice’s real name is Sue Ford, right.
They subject their own children to such trauma that their mind and personality split into multiple parts, thus creating many personas that can be programmed. 
“Memories” provides unique insight into the depraved private lives of the “celebrities” of the world – politicians, entertainers and royalty. 
Brice was a sex-slave from the age of ten years on for every US President from JFK to Clinton, with the exception of Carter (he actually stuck to his Southern Baptist convictions)
JFK comes across as immature and reckless – wanting the thrill of sex in public places and giving his security detail the slip. But unlike Teddy, he didn’t violently abuse Brice. He was a kinder, more juvenile- type pedophile, while he raped his young but sophisticated mind-controlled victim. 
He also dismissed any attempt to warn him his life was in danger. Brice thinks he was killed because he clashed with the Mob. 
Ronald Reagan comes across as essentially good natured and patriotic. He knew that Brice was mind-controlled, and yet took full advantage, often using the infamous cattle prod. 
She says he was never the same after the attempted assassination, which may have been orchestrated by his then-VP, George Bush Sr. 
Nancy Reagan slapped Brice while the two of them were in the ladies room, warning her to “stay away from my husband.” As if poor mind-controlled Brice had a choice. 
On one occasion, just before his inauguration, Brice and her underage daughter had to “service” Bill Clinton. On another occasion Brice serviced Hillary alone. Bill and Hillary also snorted cocaine, and Bill liked to play “mommy and baby boy Bill.”
Sitting astride this Illuminist dungheap is Henry Kissinger, who comes across as urbane and educated, an über-diplomat and Master Strategist. Even though he never sexually abused Brice personally, he was responsible for the creation of her entire sick mind control system, mind files and programming, and for using and managing it over the years. 
Brice’s controllers programmed her with a photographic memory, which came in handy when she accompanied Kissinger on his forays into sensitive government and military bases. Here she would process vast quantities of information, and recall it later in perfect detail. The Illuminists are paranoid (with good reason) and write nothing down. So she was very useful as a robot who could verbally recall information.


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