Is This Paranoid? Satanic Car Design

by James Farganne – ( Dec 25, 2012

Satan can take the form of a beautiful woman. Satan can take the form of a sleek animal. 
An automobile can be very satanic. These things can be anthropomorphized into Satan. ~Anton Szandor Lavey
One winter night, I was walking along a major thoroughfare. As I stared into the middle distance,I became aware that the roads of my city were infested with pairs of glowing demonic eyes.
What is going on in the high-dollar world of automotive design? Since when did cars have to resemble snarling things that want to desecrate graves?
Not just headlights have taken on a fiendish aspect. The grills, when seen as mouths, underscore the malevolence. Many tail-lights reflect the trend as well, lighting up with reptilian slits reminiscent of the rape scene in Rosemary’s Baby. Quite a few hatchbacks sport rear-enders that resemble devils’ horns.
I can also see the satanic aesthetic at work in body designs. The lines and angles look to have been cribbed from some infernal geometry. For one of the more ridiculous examples, I refer you to the Chevy Spark, (above.) That car would not look out of place as a gargoyle on a Geiger-inspired satanic cathedral.
As far as I am concerned, such design choices cannot be passed off as functional, much less arbitrary. 
Automotive design is pretty much an applied social science, its calculations rooted in marketing psychology. Plenty of time, money, and premeditation goes into the design of a car’s exterior. Check out the PT Cruiser for a classic example of calculated psychological impact.


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