Voice of the White House March 5, 2007

Note that Hilary Rodham Clinton (HRC) has much to say in the following minutes:


Comment – March 6, 2007

Note HRC (Hilary Rodham Clinton)’s comments on the Catholic Church – “for me this is a dying religion in this country … and if we cannot arrive at a mutual agreement on this, we can proceed against them by increasing the number of priest-pederasty charges. It can be pointed out that what they do not want is a media campaign about this. The Turners (Ted Turner and his underlings at CNN) have already done the groundwork for this …”

There’s more but you get the general gist, which sounds ominious coming from the woman who might become the first female president of the United States.

Also it seems likely that the intials GS represent George Stephanopolous, a former senior Clinton aide. Ed.

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