21/12/12 Beginning of “Seven Years of Tribulation”

henrymakow.com – Dec 20, 2012

Illuminati insider and whistle blower Leo Zagami,42, sounded this urgent alarm on this site in 2007.  The Illuminati seem a little behind schedule in their plans to “Nazify the West,” but not by much. On Dec. 20 2012 –  I had a Skype interview with Zagami in Italy. Here are the main points which I report without judgment:
  • Leo believes Pope Benedict is the anti-Christ. He says his opponents and the Vatican are in league against Berlusconi. The Pope excommunicated Berlusconi.  
  • He says the Satanists have immense power and control. “They have the best Cabalists, magicians, exorcists.” You have to play the game. Out of bad, good can emerge. 
  • Leo drew my attention to Russian PM Medvedev’s recent comments about an “alien invasion.” He said these demons are living among us. Leo said a delegation of Italian legislators were invited to Moscow to learn more.

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