On the Cusp of 12/21/12 Or Whatever

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Dec 20, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Well… tomorrow is the day; that long awaited day and today seems like any other day, before some ordinary day to follow. Yesterday I was sitting somewhere, I forget where and a flash of images came into my head. This happens to me a lot. Things come out of nowhere, which is actually an invisible somewhere. I don’t always process and comprehend whatever it may be, because my personal perspective intrudes upon the cosmic perspective; not always, sometimes I get it right. Is this one of those times? I don’t know.
It occurred to me that very few people know very much about the Mayans and those who think they do may not have the essence of it all right either. The Mayans are a vanished people. Oh, there are still descendants of the Mayans around but the culture got swallowed up by something. They left us a calendar, which purported to signal the end of things, when the last day of that calendar arrived and that would be tomorrow. Doomsayers have been predicting all kinds of things; reversed magnetic polarities, a reversal of orbit. We haven’t seen much of that up to the moment but… here is what occurred to me yesterday-
What if this is the actual end of The Kali Yuga? What if tomorrow is the demarcation line between the darkness of the old world and the bright luminescence of that awaited golden age? This thought struck me pretty hard and would not leave my mind. This is interesting, given how occupied my mind is with my present surroundings. It seemed to be very possibly true. I know such a time is coming and it seems to fit with a lot of things I won’t get into at the moment because I am operating under certain creative constraints, which I hope to address and rectify shortly.
I do not mean to say that on the morrow, someone will wave a magic wand and all the sucking mud of our previous grayscale existence, will release our footsteps, metaphorically speaking from the ooze and slime of suffocating material culture. I don’t think it is any mistake that I am where I am at the moment or that any of us are where we are at the moment; who we are at the moment and doing what we are doing at the moment. I think there will still be some amount of bad judgment and evil doing that may continue for a time but that all of it will start to meet up with positive resolution and transformation, into what it should be instead of these travesties we have been afflicted with up until this point.
Where I am at the moment, I could believe almost anything to be possible. The are no limits whatsoever upon what the ineffable can accomplish in the hearts and minds and- to some degrees- by the hands of those so inspired to channel the cosmic intent.
This has been a sick world for a good long while. Some will argue with me about this; those jived up clowns from the lucrative new age, who say if all we allow ourselves to see is the hidden beauty around us, or whatever the spiel is, that is all we would see and experience. I am afraid I hold these perspectives to be Polyannaland. It might be they are right but I haven’t seen it. I am sure it does exist in a limited fashion, somewhere in a gated community, or some remote beach where you can have all your needs attended to by impoverished natives, whose industries and bodies are at your command, so long as you have the jack. Thailand answers to that description,or did, until each more and more remote beach, was eventually over run by the hedonists and headcases in search of paradise and uncomplaining pussy. Certainly some portion of that is still going down, along with people trying to play Decaprio in The Island.
It used to amuse me (not really) after I had run into a few dozen of a particular sort, who would take regular trips to these locales for the purpose of human trampoline action, or the horizontal hula (if you prefer). They all had a certain body type and mindset and deplored the state of western women, as it particularly concerned them.
If you really want to hear the whiners on this subject you only have to go to Hawaii. I guess I could see what they were talking about but it didn’t impinge on me. I always found the exceptions and managed to see the rule coming way ahead of time. This is what material culture will create though. It makes people stupid and selfish and that increases, until all kinds of psycho-sexual and other pathologies come into being. As a student of this whole dynamic, a fascinated observer, I’ve seen enough to show me what comes around when full bore, material realm hypnotics come into full expression. This is one of the reasons I tend to stay inside my own little bubble, or walk in Nature, where there is a deal less of what I don’t want to see, except when I am studying it, like a lepidopterist or something. I probably misspelled that word but you get the idea.
So, maybe the Mayans had a whole other thing happening with that calendar. My invisible friends have been telling me for a long time that a mini golden age was going to come. Of course, I hear all kinds of things and like I said, I don’t always get it right because the personal can intrude on the cosmic but… sooner or later it gets clarified for me like some kind of ghee.
Obviously the old world is breaking down and that is why the trolls and goblins are in such a rush to imprint their will on it or hold it together with bailing wire, duct tape and chewing gum. They’ve always been demons behind the scenes but these days they are right out there in full daylight, doing all sorts of obnoxious things. It’s like they know it’s got to end soon and they want to get all their licks in and all their ya ya’s out. They’re not like you and me. They killed off the human inside themselves some time ago. They might not have been human when they got here or they might have gotten hijacked on the road. I don’t know.
As you know, I am an optimist, even when things aren’t going all that well for me, as happens here and there and probably more than I would like, although it is showing signs of change now.
I saw this guy who was doing parrot astrology (don’t ask). A parrot was involved and making selections and it turned out that I was from the family of Shiva and Ganesha was my special friend. This I already knew. Then he told me that I had had 16 years of bad highway and that it had all just ended this month and prosperity and all kinds of good things would be coming to me; always nice to hear that sort of thing. Oddly enough a jyotish astrologer told me that some while ago and he didn’t have a parrot. I don’t know what to say so… no comment.
Anyway, I feel as if I am on the lip of great adventure and I suspect the same may be the case with some number of you. Something new is in the wind. Of course, I went into the wind recently and maybe that is why I am getting that sensation. I’m going to end this here; always fearful that the post might disappear on me. By this time next week I should have it all pretty much together and be more regular and usual length and all that. Good wishes to you all,
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