Operation Sandy – Mass Trauma-Based Mind Manipulation (Videos)

Zen Gardner – Before It’s News Dec 17, 2012

 OK, I’ve had it. Can’t take anymore. I try to get away from this latest staged incident and stuff keeps coming at me like a sh*tstorm!

Just look at all the weird tie-ins to this recent event, never mind the usual inconsistencies between eye-witnesses, the two others caught, and varying versions of what transpired just to keep you on your toes.

Drugged kid seeing a “psychiatrist”. Couldn’t be more obvious.

–Father of boy about to testify in the ongoing Libor scam trials, same as father of drugged Colorado patsy.

–Tie in to recent strange nanny murders of the children of CNBC exec who published story on the 43 Trillion dollar bankster lawsuit the day before.

–It appears these incidents happen on Fridays. Good for coverage over the weekend with less conflicting news no doubt. Other significance?

Incredibly, or not, Aurora is referenced in this movie Dark Knight Rises, as is Sandy Hook.  “Sandy Hook” is about the only legible text on the whole map they picture, and then a guy puts his fingers right on it. The dialogue at this point is reportedly “There are no coincidences.” Source

Then there’s “Sandy”

 –Sandy Hook, Hurricane Sandy. The likewise engineered recent devastating Hurricane Sandy is still fresh in everyone’s minds. At the least it makes a great psychological tie in to instill greater fear.

–Sandy Hook “pointed out” in the Batman movie, theme of the last murder ritual in Colorado. I mean c’mon.

–The town is home to the author of The Hunger Games, a theme that echoes throughout all of these shooting incidents.

–And then  there’s THIS!

Mind Blown?

Mine was. Just notice how the name Sandy is repeated and emphasized. It’s clear something paranormal is at play. The animation industry specializes in suggestive and subliminal mind manipulation. And the theme of the story is influencing people’s dreams, i.e. subconscious.

Continues with some telling quotes…

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