Leader of Child Killers Pretends to Weep for Victims

Kevin Boyle – No One to Vote For Dec 17, 2012

During the last couple of days we have had to endure as nauseating a spectacle as one is ever likely to see.
Child-killer Barack Obama pretending to weep over the deaths of 26 children in an elementary school in Connecticut.
As we have heard no regrets whatsoever expressed regarding the 170+ children he has murdered himself in Pakistan, only a total fool could take his grief-ridden act seriously.
Can such fools possibly exist out there.
Step forward the entire Zionist mainstream media who can be guaranteed to take the words of every establishment liar at face value.
Now the entire charabang of globalist yes-men promote the enevitable next step in this Zionist-sponsored operation. The push is on to disarm the American public.
If we lived in a sane and decent world this might be seen as a good thing, but it is obvious that the soon-to-be-collapsed terrorist Zionist-controlled American state does not want a citizenry that is capable of taking on (and possibly defeating) its persecutors.
It was revealed over the weekend that there was an ‘evacuation drill’ taking place on the day of the killings. It is also clear that the police arrested and handcuffed two individuals at the scene, one of whom they chased through the woods before capture. The police were no doubt told to release these suspects by ‘higher-ups’. They will have been told they were at the school (dressed in their camoflage kit, as police tapes reveal) as part of the scheduled drill.
A contemporaneous drill is the clearest possible marker of a false-flag event. A drill is part of the false-flag template, as Webster Tarpley explained years ago re 9/11, Gladio, 7/7 and the rest.
It allows the perpetrators to get in place with their weapons/explosives and it also gives them an excuse for being in the place of blood sacrifice if they get caught by police. It lets them off the hook.
Another element of the false-flag attack is the ‘patsy’. Should we also be weeping for the mentally defective, now-vilified 20-year-old boy who was also found dead in the school last Friday?
Adam Lanza (a boy with no criminal history) and his mother were surely, in the eyes of the perpetrators, perceived as nothing more than insignificant specimens of disposable humanity.
Like the rest of us.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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