Marriage is Good For Us

by REALITY – December Edition, Publication of  Real Women of Canada (Edited by Dec 14, 2012


Marriage breakdown is the greatest cause of poverty in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, the quickest way for children to live in poverty is for their parents to be separated, divorced, or never married.
This is because one-parent families have the lowest average total income. 
For example, in 2008, female, one- parent families had an average annual income of only $42,300. This meant that, in 2008, 36% of children under 18 years of age, (about 218,000 children) lived in low-income families headed by a woman. In contrast, in 2008, two-parent families had an average annual income of $100,200.
According to the US Brookings Institution, if individuals do just three things: 
1) finish high school; 
2) work full time; and 
3) marry before they have children – their chances of being poor drop from 15% to 2%.
Research by the UK Centre for Social Justice indicates that if a child is born into poverty today, that child is more likely to remain in poverty than at any time since the late 1960s. 
The Centre identified five key paths to poverty. The first is family breakdown. The others were: serious personal debt, drug and alcohol addiction, failed education, unemployment and dependency.


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