Voice of the White House February 26, 2007

“All his life, our President, George W. Bush, has been a failure.
He is a weak man who has only survived because his family have poured money into his business ventures, all of which failed.

He was, and still is, a binge drinker (he was blotto during Katrina) who never outgrew the culture of the fraternity house, a very poor student, dismissed from the National Guard for repeated truancies and his excessive use of drugs and alcohol, a physically abusive husband.

Because he was the scion of a prominent and wealthy Republican family whose father had been head of the CIA, Vice President and then a one-term President, George was jobbed into office by a cabal that was determined to inflict their political and economic views on what they viewed as an excessively liberal American public.

Like all weak men with severe image problems, Bush has proven to be duplicitous to a degree, vicious, vindictive and pathologically rigid in his actions.
But behind him stands the Vice President. Cheney is far more intelligent that Bush and is a capable and very industrious person but he is, to be blunt, a nut.

Dick Cheney is totally crazy, obsessed with power and his warped image of a world-dominating United States , is a concept that has been dead for years. Cheney, a man of great drive and possesses neither scruples nor common sense, and is a man who loathes anything connected with Russia because he believes, in error as usual, that Russia is still run by Communists!

In his fantasy world, Cheney seeks out the support of any person or group that he can use in his drive for American domination. AIPAC, the Likudist neocons, the far religious right and the upper levels of the American corporate world are all on his Rolodex.

Cheney appointed himself Vice President after a cabal had installed Bush in the White House by a secret coup and at once began to fill vital posts with his trusted allies such as Stephen Cambonne and Donald Rumsfeld.

Cheney himself was responsible for instructions to torture and maltreat any entity or person he personally deemed to be anti-American and stopped just short of ordering such treatment for Americans who opposed him. He has spawned enormous and divisive hatred for Americans throughout the world and personally is responsible for the increasing destruction of the American military as a deterrent force.

His savage, unreasoning and vindictive nature has alienated most top Republicans and now, it is increasingly obvious, the top levels of American military leadership.

Now, the supposedly gullible American public is being treated to the biggest lot of childish propaganda imaginable. Bush and the Israelis are trying frantically to promote public support for an attack on Iran. They have trotted out all kinds of silly faked stories; “Iran-made bombs,” “We are going to attack Iran next week,” “Israel is going to bomb Tehran,” and on and on. I have something that Bush does not: friends in the Pentagon and they have all told me that, yes, there are plans to invade Iran on the books. There are also plans to invade North Korea and other countries. However, we are not going to do this because we can’t. Bush and his gang have been shriekinig ‘wolf! wolf” about North Korea for several years now, issuing dire threats of military action if they don’t dare to settle with us on our terms. Once they, and the rest of the world, saw this was just bluff, Bush lost a great deal of face,\. In desperation, the propaganda machine came up with a whopper last week: North Korea agreed to our terms! Of course they did not and this one fell as flat as the rest of the bovine fecal matter gushing out of the White House.

None of this is of the slightest interest to Cheney who is in constant daily contact with his weak president, issuing orders to him, and everyone else in the White House. Cheney wants a war and insists on getting it. Even if everyone else sees the Emperor has no clothes, Cheney is oblivious.

Cheney is a purely evil man in the eyes of everyone but himself and, even more than the weak and petulant President, must be removed at once from the levers of power before he surely starts a major war that will have appalling consequences.”

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