Keith Vaz and the Silence of the Saldanha Family

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Dec 13, 2012

Keith Vaz must be the most serially corrupt and discredited MP sitting in the House of Commons today.
The Saldanha family live in Bristol and Vaz is MP for Leicester East, so why is he the individual giving so much time and attention to the heartbroken Saldanha family.
The record shows that it is unlikely to be because of his selfless loving heart.
The fact that it was he, the ultimate establishment whore, who was parked on this tragic family after this extremely puzzling death should concern us all. 
Mrs Saldanha was a fully qualified and very experienced nurse and therefore, surely, a fairly tough cookie.
She was, we are told, a ‘devoutly’ Catholic mother of two. Apart from the fact that suicide is regarded as a very serious sin under Catholic doctrine, it beggars belief that she would have ended her life over a small incident wherein she simply passed a phone call on to someone else, an act for which, we are assured, she received no criticism whatsoever from the hospital management.
We have heard absolutely nothing from this family relating to this alleged suicide.
Not a word.
If they find it incredible that she would have done such a thing, such private thoughts have been kept out of the public domain.
Could there be any connection between the silence of the Saldanhas and the fact that Keith Vaz has ‘befriended’ them.
Today Mr Vaz said, outside the inquest, that the Saldanha family are “grieving in their homes”.
No exposure to media.
I wonder who convinced them this would be a good idea.
The theatre surrounding this ‘suicide’ is so tightly controlled, it looks, to the nth degree, like a security services operation.
Yes, the serially compromised and utterly corrupt Keith Vaz is the perfect man for such an important placement.
When the answer to “who benefits?” from this whole affair is……..
……ONLY the British establishment…….
………we are in familiar territory and none of us can be blamed for suspecting the very worst.


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