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Reflections in a Petri Dish – Dec 12, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold ad wet.
There are hacks and there are bought and sold whores of the trade and then there is Michael Isikoff, doing what he does for all things bright and beautiful. It’s a wonderful thing. Never let it be said that those who should have gone to the gallows, like Pollard and sundry, shouldn’t rather be kissed on the cheeks (what cheeks we talking bout here?) and sent home, with an apology for having caught them trying to do some kind of evil to you that would have enslaved your nation instead. Certain people play by different rules. That must be fine and dandy for them, these VIP chosenites and for their lickspittles and lackeys Who worship the funny money, prayer rugs. Rugs on their heads and rugs in their billfolds and you are the rug beneath their feet. Ain’t that sweet?
There are things going on that make you weep but the next thing you know, they’re new and improved and doing better. There are greed pigs sitting in legislatures. You see what’s going here? The same business as usual types are doing business as usual. So I imagine they have clever continuance in progress as I write. We shall see. There are bad things happening all over the place and they are being exposed.
One has to come to grips with their consciousness, concerning Mr Apocalypse and what he does. One has to get the measure of The Man, oh yes my pretties, one must have scope. Then there is hope and à bientôt–Okay. Would you like fries with that? It’s all about freedom burning in the morning and The Bad Stranger is around. I am hammering on the same things, again. For a very good reason. Mr. Apocalypse’s walking stick is tapping and tapping. Unfortunately, that leads to more and more of this kind of thing. Football stadiums, malls, fast food eateries. It’s all coming up in the windshield of your drive a life. It’s not all bad, and maybe  you can figure that out. Maybe we got wrong, as to who is who; lost tribes and all that but I be I and all that.
People! You must resist against these things. You must find the power and the purpose in the hour to rise in outrage about what is being done to you and also being done in your name. A good brother, who is a maestro himself,  sent me this. We are the people that could have been. It’s a shame we can’t get in touch with them then.
Brevity may be the soul of wit. I don’t know how much wit is in this posting but it will be brevity indeed, as concerns this posting because I got to go real soon and things need to be taken care of so…
there may be a transitory delay in postings and Sim will mind the host fires. Let’s all remember that we are not as young as we used to be, subject to miraculous intervention, and the cost of our thoughts, words and actions may well be at critical mass in these uncertain times. Do your best. I will see you in a different format soon, hopefully (grin) if I can fast-track the learning curve on these tablets; some mystifying thing known as android. Carry on.
End Transmission……. 


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