Immigration swells English population

Introduction – Dec 12, 2012

Nobody in the corporate media is saying as much but this is the tip of the iceberg, the result of social engineering on a global scale
Despite repeated government promises and pledges to reduce immigration, the influx of foreign nationals into Britain has soared to record levels over the past decade.
Naturally the corporate media portrays this through rose-coloured specticals. The BBC’s Mark Easton for example claimed that with its British born whites now in a minority London had become a “truly international city”.
Such laudatory tones from the media mouthpeice that devoted so much air time to speculation about Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction – until it was discovered there were none – should make us automatically suspicious.
Hours after that phrase appeared as a headline, the BBC changed it.
They probably realised that in the wrong hands, like ours, it would have implicated the British Broadcastingn Corporation in what might be termed a global conspiracy. Hence its removal.
Moreover, the fact that a similar process is happening the world over should alert us that something is afoot. National boundaries, together racial and ethnic distinctions are being trodden underfoot in a relentless march toward a homogeneous New World Order.
Don’t get me wrong, I come from a mixed race family but there is a darker agenda at work here. One that uses opposition to ‘racism’ and ‘nationalism’ for its own ends.
Naturally, no reasonable person can defend racism and the powers that be know this. Hence the constant references in the media to ‘racism’ with insinuatioans that it’s linked to oppostion to immigration
Subliminally linking the two rendern opposition to mass immigration impotent, at least in the minds of reasonable people.
For those who aren’t so reasonable the British Natioanl Party has been set up, sympathetic toward Zionsim and Israel, its overidding objective is to recruit the dupes. Indeed, we have been reliably informed that the party leader, Nick Griffin is in the employ of British intelligence. His objective being to rally understandable opposition to mass immigration and then lead it up a blind alley where it can be contained and neutralised.  
The ultimate aim of mass migration is to uproot disparate groups and throw them together in a New World Order; where their differnces can be exploited on the principle of ‘divide and rule’.
Hence the media’s constant and laudatory references to “diversity”. While it pointedly ignores the obvious downside in the diminishing number of jobs and space on an already overcrowded island.
Those behind this are clever, almost diabolically so, for the gradual disapparence of racial and national divisions was meant to happened. ‘Gradually’ being the operative word. What makes this diabolical however, is that darker forces have hijacked the process and prematurely set it in motion for their own ends.

Immigration swells English population

AAP – Dec 11, 2012

THE population of England and Wales swelled between 2001 and 2011 after an influx of 2.9 million people born abroad, while the number of Christians plunged, according to census data.

The figures from the March 2011 census paint a picture of a changing population, with more foreign-born residents and fewer people of faith.

The population of England and Wales was 56.1 million, an increase of 3.7 million or seven per cent since 2001.

The number of foreign-born residents rose by 63 per cent from 4.6 million in 2001 to 7.5 million a decade later. They now account for 13 per cent of the population, up from nine.

White Britons now make up 80 per cent of the population, at 45.1 million people, down from 87 per cent in 2001. Some 2.5 per cent are ethnic Indian, 2.0 per cent ethnic Pakistani.

Indians accounted for the biggest number of those born abroad, rising 52 per cent to 694,000.

The number of Poles saw a 10-fold increase from 58,000 in 2001 to 579,000 last year and they now make up one per cent of the population.

The Pakistani-born population rose by 56 per cent to 482,000. Ireland, Germany, Bangladesh, Nigeria, South Africa, the United States and Jamaica made up the rest of the top 10.

Forty per cent of all foreign-born individuals arrived since 2004, when the European Union expanded to include eastern European countries.

Foreign-born women have a higher birth rate and the percentage of total births to non-UK-born mothers rose from 18.3 per cent in 2004 to 24.3 per cent in 2011.

“These statistics paint a picture of society and help us all plan for the future using accurate information at a local level,” said census director Guy Goodwin from the Office for National Statistics.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg of census statistics,” he added.

The percentage who identified themselves as Christian dropped from 72 per cent to 59 per cent, while atheists rose from 15 per cent to a quarter of the population.

The fastest-growing religion was Islam, which increased by 75 per cent in 10 years to 2.7 million adherents, or 4.8 per cent of the population.

Some 1.5 per cent of the population said they were Hindus, while 0.8 per cent said they were Sikhs.

In London, white Britons are no longer the majority. They now account for 3.7 million Londoners, or 44.9 per cent of the capital’s population.

Other whites account for 14.8 per cent of Londoners. Asians make up 16.9 per cent, while people who identified themselves as black account for 11.2 per cent.

Some 61.1 per cent of London residents were born in England, followed by 3.2 per cent born in India, 1.9 per cent in Poland and 1.6 per cent in Ireland.

Twenty-six per cent (848,000) of London households contained a resident whose main language was not English.

The percentage of married people dropped below 50 per cent, from 50.9 to 46.6, while the percentage of people divorced rose from 8.2 to 9.0 per cent.

The wealth held by the richest 10 per cent of households accounted for 44 per cent of overall wealth. The entry bar was STG967,000 ($A1.49 million). That held by the poorest 50 per cent of households accounted for 10 per cent.

Among the more curious statistics, around 177,000 people claimed to follow the Jedi religion from the Star Wars films. Some 6242 identified their religion as heavy metal, while 1893 claimed to be Satani.