Voice of the White House February 23, 2008

“In 2002, a special high level telephone and computer tapping sub-agency was set up by order of Rumsfeld at the suggestion of Cheney. Their job? To spy on important people; diplomats, Democratic senators and congressmen, potential enemies of the administration and people neither Cheney nor Bush personally liked.

Like Topsy, this growed to the point where the group was spying on people the senior military at the Pentagon didn’t like or trust. One of their top targets has been Israeli diplomats, their intelligence agents operating here, quite openly, and at the CIA especially and so-called Israeli action groups like AIPAC.

When Cheney got wind of that, he screamed like a scalded cat and the group was ordered to immediately cease and desist spying…but only on the Israelis. Much of this material, reams and reams of it, have been Xeroxed and have been circulating around Washington for about two years. Although much of this material relates directly to the American political and diplomatic endeavors, the American media will never touch any of it. Bush himself is fanatically pro-Isreal as was John Ashcroft and woe to anyone who issued one word of criticism of that problematical state.

We know, for a dead certainty, that Mossad agents had penetrated the Arab groups in Florida who were planning the 9/11 outrage and here we have a funny story. Funny is really not the word, actually. They helped the Arabs with their plans but eventually, it was decided in Tel Aviv that if the U.S. was not notified and somehow it leaked out about their knowledge of a huge and devastating attack, there could be a huge uproar in America and the blind support of Israel could be interdicted by public opinion. The rub it this:

Their Ambassador warned (and this is on tape and has been transcribed) George Bush, Dick Cheney and John Ashcroft personally about the pending attacks in DC and Manhattan. Cheney saw this as a perfect opportunity to advance both his and Israel’s policies in the MidEast.

Nothing was done and we know what happened. Now, according to some of the intercepts, the Israelis are laughing out loud because if the Bush people ever dare to attack them or refuse them their slightest wish, it will come out that they indeed knew of this plot, to the last detail but naturally they informed the top leadership of America in plenty of time to take action. After all, they knew the targets, the probably dates and, even more important, the then whereabouts of the terrorists.

It would have been child’s play to grab them before they did their deeds. Israel knows that even if Bush loves them, not only he but many others would be destroyed if it came out that they all knew in advance and did nothing because it suited them to have a lovely target and an enraged public to grant them all the war powers they needed.

We have seen where this led and the question now is whether or not some fearless reporter/editor/publisher will dare to make these public. It will come out but they all pray daily, “not on my watch, God, please!’”

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