If Sodomy, Why Not Necrophilia?

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Dec 9, 2012

If Sodomy is as culturally acceptable as it seems to be, then why not necrophilia?
After all, an individual gets to exercise their human right of sexual self-expression and, if the other party is as entirely passive as it inevitably must be, we can state with certainty that no feelings have been abused and, therefore, no suffering was inflicted.
Thus, according to enlightened 21st century moral sensibilities, all criteria for acceptable sexual behaviour are met.
There seems to be no possible moral objection that can arise that might impede the dedicated necrophiliac from marrying his (or her?, let’s be fair) preferred corpse.
But maybe one is missing something in this analysis. Let us strain our imaginations.
What reasonable objections to necrophilia could possibly arise?
Perhaps the corpse in question might not have wished, while it was alive, for such a relationship after death. Perhaps he or she might have been very antagonistic to the idea that their inert bodies be allowed to participate in such a relationship.
We must surely admit this as a real possibility.
What principle, in this situation, is thus agitated by the desires of the living?
That we must take cognisance of and give due deference to the expressed wishes while living of those now deceased?
Umm, tricky.
We’ve already ditched this one.
Six thousand years of human hostility to sodomy carries no weight whatsoever in modern cultural or parliamentary discourse.
Perhaps we can find a compromise whereby individuals can hold true to personally held principles and thus western cultural development can be projected forward in a reasonable manner while the integrity of all persons can be preserved?
Perhaps government might licence the construction of two different types of mortuary.
One kind for those who reject the injunctions of God-given nature and see the sating of desire as a human right provided no harm is done (necrophilia in this mortuary [obviously] permitted).
The other for believers who object to these kind of activities in principle (necrophilia not permitted).
Solved it!
Now everybody can be happy.
Let’s admit it folks. Jimmy Saville, with his privileged access, his sets of keys and his midnight trips to Stoke Mandeville and Leeds General hospital morgues, was an enlightened trailblazer in so, so many ways.


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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