Sex Obsession as Occult Possession

Henry Makow – Dec 9, 2012

Those of us who believe in the benevolence and wisdom of the Creator sometimes wonder why He didn’t consider birth control. 
Why would He give people sex drives that would result in more children than they could provide for?
The Communist writer Berthold Brecht seized upon another design problem to explain why he was an atheist. 
He said no Divine Intelligence  would place the excretory and sexual functions in such close proximity. Or as a wag put it, God put the snack shop too close to the outhouse.
The explanation is that sex was not meant to become the popular recreation and fulltime obsession it is today. Ideally, people were intended to evolve to the point where sex was something married couples did when they wanted to have a child. 
This would explain why God tucked this function away in an efficient place, and didn’t worry about birth control. 
As usual, it is our lack of wisdom that requires scrutiny, not God’s.  
For many centuries, humanity aspired to do God’s will. The proscription of sex outside of wedlock ensured the procreative function would be used for procreation, or at least to strengthen the procreative bond. 
Christian religion and culture channelled the sex drive to uplift men and women and ensure that children would be raised in a secure environment.  When sex was confined to marriage, women were protected from sexual exploitation. 


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