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Quoriana – World Mathaba.com Dec 8, 2012

December 10 marks the trial of investigative journalist, activist and foremost Dutch Bilderberg Group hunter Micha Kat. The 49-year-old faces the Court in the Hague for alleged insults to the Dutch royal family, alleged discrimination of a lawyer whose fraudulent and corrupt activities he exposed, two alleged false bomb threats, alleged death threats against a journalist of Dutch mainstream newspaper Telegraaf, overall “instigation”, and for writing “danger: pedophile in Dutch language on the house of known Dutch pedophile Joris Demmink who has been the most powerful man of the Netherlands for the last decade.

When arriving at Schiphol airport from Laos where he then lived, Kat was arrested in April this year over the above allegations. He was imprisoned until the beginning of September and his case was suspended till December 10. UPDATE: According to a message on Kat’s website, the December 10 trial is postponed with no new given date due to illness of his lawyer.

Kat is particularly known for his website klokkenluideronline.nl (meaning “onlinewhistleblower.nl”) where he mainly exposes and denounces national abuses. Some external links to his articles however redirect to the website rechtspraak.nl (“jurisdictions.nl”), the official website of the High Council of the Netherlands, as a result of censorship of certain topics by the Court of Amsterdam, including pieces that exposed the dark secrets of the Dutch royal family. Some of these secrets are published in an excellent 2010 article at infowars.com, authored by Kat and investigative writer Jurriaan Maessen, which article contains the following disturbing and -even in the Netherlands- largely unknown facts:

The great-grandfather from [prince] Friso’s mother’s [queen Beatrix] side, a German prince named Hendrik, raped his own daughter, the mother of queen Beatrix, as a result of which a daughter was born. The father of Friso, Claus, was a homosexual who also used children for sexual pleasure. The lawyer of the Queen and main guardian of the crown prince, Friso’s brother, was a sadistic pedophile against whom even testimony of child executions exists.

In a December 2 message at his website, Kat writes in Dutch language on his upcoming trial:

December 10, 2012: The day justice will die? – On 10 December, the Dutch State wants to finally deal with whistleblower Micha Kat. Will he get a fair trial as also has been promised in vain to Jasper S.? [an innocent scapegoat recently used in one of the biggest murder cases in the Netherlands, namely the -likely lust or even ritual- murder of 16-year-old Marianne Vaatstra in 1999]. Or will he be put in a straitjacket and sent to a psychiatric prison unit, as demanded by Peter R. de Vries? [A famous Dutch crime reporter and royal puppet who hijacked many murder and abuse cases].

In the below video (partially English and partially Dutch with English subtitles), Micha Kat provides a revealing look at the activities of the Bilderberg Group which was founded by the father of Dutch queen Beatrix, prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld (1911-2004), a former member of the German Nazi NSDAP. Queen Beatrix is said to hold the third position in the current Bilderberg hierarchy and never fails to attend the annual Bilderberg Group meetings, accompanied by her oldest son and future Dutch king prince Willem-Alexander. The video shows at 8:55 how Kat was arrested in 2010 when he confronted the president of the Dutch Bank, Nout Wellink, during a hearing with his membership of the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission.


Now that the whistleblower in an Orwellian twist of justice has to stand trial while the criminals he exposed are still walking free, let’s take a look at one of the main cases Micha Kat among a few others has brought to light:

The Joris Demmink case

Largely unknown outside of the Netherlands and having his crimes well covered up by the Dutch authorities and the royal family, is the homosexual Joris Demmink, born December 11, 1947, the most powerful man of the Netherlands until he retired as highest official of the Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice on November 1, 2012. During Demmink’s farewell party, Micha Kat and six other journalists were arrested in order to prevent them from interviewing Demmink.

Demmink finds himself in the center of a pedophile scandal that is far more powerful, evil and far reaching than even the majority of the Dutch know. On the Dutch website demminkdoofpot.nl (“demminkcoverup.nl”), an audio fragment says in Dutch language: “During conversations with (Dutch magazines) Panorama and Gay Krant behind closed doors last week, he (Demmink) admitted he had sex with young gay boys, and that he hadn’t always asked about their age”.

Below is an extensive though incomplete overview of Demmink’s carrier as a homosexual pedophile, partially taken from the overview in Dutch language which is available at demminkdoofpot.nl.

1978 – 1982

At the District Court in The Hague work at least two pedophile judges: Mr Stolk and Mr Rueb. This fact is about to come out during the case of alleged Dutch serial killer Koos Hertogs. His case contains the killing of three young girls, a police officer and the wife of Mr Stolk. Though Hertogs never confessed to committing these crimes, he is sentenced to life imprisonment in 1982, the year in which Demmink made his entrance to the Ministry of Justice.


Dutch female pediatrician Joyce Labruyère is killed. The still unresolved murder is associated with a network of pedophiles operating within the Netherlands. Investigative journalists report of a connection between the murder and “authorities who sexually abuse underage boys” and claim that Mrs Labruyère had become aware of child abuse by Dutch officials.


After police investigations, a Dutch newspaper mentions “the involvement of a top official from the Hague” in the abuse of minors.


The Susurluk scandal takes place. Micha Kat’s 2007 article “Nederlandse Staat Gechanteerd door Turkije” (“The Netherlands Blackmailed by Turkey”) analyses the scandal and claims Turkey has evidence proving that Demmink organized sex parties in Turkey during which minors were abused. The article states that the sex parties were organized in collaboration with drug offenders who had contacts with the Turkish government, including with then Prime Minister Tansu Ciller.


Kurdish businessman Hüseyin Baybasin is arrested in the Netherlands for “criminal activities” related to “drug trafficking, extortion and murder” and is sentenced to life imprisonment in 2002. PKK sympathizer Baybasin has always claimed to be the victim of a conspiracy against him by the Turkish state. He said that Turkey had put pressure on the Netherlands to arrest him by threatening to disclose information on Demmink’s abuse of minors in Turkey.

A Dutch television program mentions that young boys were smuggled from Poland to the Netherlands with the assistance of “a top official of the Dutch government”. It adds that a top official named “Joris” (Demmink’s first name) for that reason has been sentenced to 240 hours of community service and six months of conditional imprisonment. Later the media claim this was “another Joris”.

Amsterdam authorities investigate on a pedophile network which includes a former lawyer of the Dutch queen, two main prosecutors, a former minister and a professor. In the wake of this research, Dutch intelligence agency BVD (currently: AIVD), receives messages regarding the sexual escapades of Demmink. Documents also state that Demmink tried to sabotage the investigation by transferring information to suspects.


Demmink attracts the attention of the research editors of Dutch NOS News who investigate whether the Dutroux affair had branches in the Netherlands.


Kurdish businessman Hüseyin Baybasin is sentenced to life imprisonment on the basis of falsified tape conversations.

Demmink is appointed Secretary-General of Justice which is the highest possible rank in Justice in the Netherlands. Dutch intelligence agency AIVD (formerly: BVD) says that prior to this appointment, they investigated on “circa 40 rumors about the lifestyle of Demmink”. A sister organization of the AIVD reportedly tried to obstruct the appointment because of Demmink’s “sexual lifestyle”.


Pic: A Dutch TV program broadcasts a documentary on the unjust process against Baybasin. The magazines Panorama and GayKrant decide on a collective independent investigation of Demmink. They publish articles revealing that Demmink abused children in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and in a sex bar in Prague. A man named Frank Leenders comes forward as a witness and victim. He says Demmink has been present during the filming of a porn movie in the Czech Republic where a child has died as a result of penetration with a dildo. Leenders files a complaint against Demmink and Dutch NOS News names Demmink as a suspect of child abuse. As a result of this, then Minister of Justice Donner threatens to prosecute all media that mention the name of the “suspected official”. Subsequently, the Dutch Public Prosecutor declares that the complaint against Demmink is false, which is contradicted by Leenders.

The chief editors of Panorama and GayKrant conduct an interview with Demmink at his home. Demmink refuses publication of the interview, but NOS News intercepts emails revealing that Demmink during the interview admitted to “having visited gay bars in Prague”, “having had a relationship with a young Czech boy who acted in porn movies” and that he is “attracted to young boys”. Panorama and GayKrant nonetheless give in to Demmink’s request and don’t publish the interview. Later it comes out that the editors of Panorama and Gaykrant are no longer allowed to talk or write about Demmink on penalty of a fine of 100,000 Euros. They even start to call their “source” unreliable.

However, one of the editors starts to have qualms of conscience and reveals the entire story to a NOS News journalist, saying that he has become part of a cover-up. On November 5, NOS News reports that “the top official has admitted to abusing children”.


In January, Demmink files a complaint against NOS News, which complaint is declared admissible. Meanwhile German newspaper Die Welt also reports on a connection between the Dutroux case and a Dutch pedophile network in its article “Kein Einzeltäter” (“Not an individual act”). Die Welt writes of a film in which a 13-year old German boy was forced to have oral sex with multiple men, which made the boy choke and die. This film was found in Zandvoort, the Netherlands, at the house of a pedophile named Gerrit Ulrich, who later has been murdered. A close friend of this man also was the guardian of the children of queen Beatrix…

The Ministry of Justice announces it will prosecute Frank Leenders for making “false accusations”. A TV program claims Leenders was paid to make a complaint against Demmink, which Leenders himself denies. He however is convicted for “making false accusations” and is sentenced to two months’ probation.

Demmink’s personal driver “suddenly dies” after he started to have “growing moral problems” with Demmink.


The Turkish media publish several articles on the Turkish government’s blackmail of the Dutch government at the end of the nineties, saying the Demmink case was used to “deal with Baybasin”.


Baybasin files a complaint against Demmink concerning “pedophile activities, repeatedly committed since at least 1990 in Turkey and other countries, incitement resp. (co)perpetration of intentional and unlawful detention and participation in a criminal organization”. The complaint is based on a yet secret report on the Turkish government’s blackmail of the Dutch. A Dutch Member of Parliament asks the Minister of Justice for parliamentary questions following Baybasin’s complaint. The Minister orders a so-called “exploratory investigation” by the Public Prosecutor, which is a term that legally actually doesn’t exist.

Micha Kat’s website publishes the article “Nederlandse Staat Gechanteerd door Turkije” (“The Netherlands blackmailed by Turkey”) .

Several reports appear in the Dutch media concerning Demmink’s participation in Dési Bouterse‘s coup in Suriname in 1981, when Demmink was still working at the Ministry of Defense. Sources say Demmink was in an “intense relationship” with a young Suriname soldier from the Bouta team that was responsible for the December murders in 1982.

Demmink visits Baybasin in prison which angers his lawyer, Ms Adele van der Plas. Via the Dutch Socialist’s party she requests that Demmink should be excluded from getting in touch with Baybasin, but the request is declined. Van der Plas files a complaint against Demmink.

Several parliamentary inquiries regarding Demmink take place, some of them explicitly ask about the presence of Demmink at sex parties in Turkey. Some Dutch newspapers and TV programs pay attention to the Demmink case via exposing articles and footage. In response, one of the leading Dutch newspapers, NRC Handelsblad, publishes a flattering profile of Demmink in which prominent politicians call him a decent man, saying that they “have never heard anything negative regarding Demmink’s private life” and that it is “a fact that up to now Demmink has refuted all accusations”. A journalist who is investigating the case reportedly receives death threats.

Turkish investigative journalist Burhan Kazmali is detained at the airport in Istanbul to prohibit him from testifying against Demmink in the Netherlands regarding Baybasin’s complaint.

NRC Handelsblad publishes an article with headline “Topman justitie is schoon” (“Top Justice Official is clean”). It argues that several investigations by Dutch intelligence agency AIVD didn’t provide any evidence of Demmink’s involvement in “criminal activities”. However, Baybasin’s lawyer states that there has not been any investigation at all.

The Public Prosecutor announces that Demmink will not be prosecuted.

This is how Dutch politicians react when being asked about Joris Demmink (English subtitles):


Baybasin’s attorney again tries in vain to prosecute Demmink, partially based on new evidence collected by a Dutch journalist who investigated the Turkey case. Demmink again receives much media attention. Leading Dutch newspaper Telegraaf which used to criticize Demmink, suddenly starts to protect him and claims that Demmink has become the victim of a demonizing campaign against him. In November, Dutch newspaper Volkskrant asks readers for topics their journalists should write about, and many readers reply with “the Demmink case”, but Volkskrant refuses to do so.

Dutch radio station Arrow Classic Rock interviews Micha Kat on the Demmink case on July 10, which causes a flood of responses but the mainstream media remain silent. On September 1, Adam Curry, the DJ who conducted the interview with Kat, is fired. Curry currently lives in the U.S.

On October 31, a Hyves page is launched with the purpose to mobilize the Dutch people against Demmink. Within 12 hours the site has almost 1,200 members. On November 2, the site disappears. On November 3 at noon the site is back online.

A judge writes to Micha Kat that Demmink, accompanied by the former and current Dutch Minister of Justice, has visited a sex club in Breda, the Netherlands.

A former detective who investigated into Demmink’s activities in Turkey declares in a Dutch crime magazine:

“I am aware that this is an extremely sensitive case. But it is not my job to make the evidence conclusive. All I have to do is to bring on enough “ammunition” to make the Court of the Hague decide to further investigate the case. I am confident that this will happen. If someone claims on camera that he has been sexually abused at a young age by a senior Justice official, it simply can’t be ignored by pretending nothing happened, right? We know this boy, we know where he lives and how he can be contacted.”

The Court of the Hague however decides not to prosecute Demmink. Reports say the Court actually refused to take a look at the evidence.

After Baybasin and Leenders, a Turkish boy named Mustafa Y. also files a complaint against Demmink.

On December 30, Leenders’ lawyer “falls off his bike” and dies.


Throughout the first months of the year, several media start to pay attention to the Demmink case again. He is often mentioned in connection with child abuse and the remarkable role he played in the Bouterse coup in Suriname. In May a television crew confronts Demmink near his house with the accusations of child abuse. Demmink flees in his service car.

Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad publishes an article on Demmink’s extremely high invoices which are paid by the Dutch state.

It is revealed that a Turkish TV-station is trying to conduct an interview with Baybasin since three years. The Dutch embassy has urged them not to talk about the Demmink case, or about the Dutch royal family…

A Turkish man who played an important role in creating “evidence” against Baybasin and who also intimidated witness Mustafa Y. is arrested in Turkey.


The Institute for the Study of Globalization mentions in its article “A closer look at child abuse networks in the Netherlands and Belgium” that Demmink “on a top level” is involved with pedophile networks in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In June, Dutch Dr J. Poot publishes his book De Demmink Doofpot (The Demmink Cover up). The main purpose of the book is to bring about a parliamentary and judicial investigation into the pedophile practices of the highest official of the Dutch Ministry of Justice, Joris Demmink.

A regional newspaper writes that the Dutch Public Prosecution Service is willing to cooperate in filing a complaint against Demmink regarding the Mustafa Y. case. Y. says he has been abused and raped by Demmink when he was 12 and 13 years old (which was in 1994 and 1995). However, no complaint is filed.

In August, the author of The Demmink Cover up publishes a large advertisement in NRC Handelsblad, asking Demmink why he is “silent like death” after the publication of the book. In September he reveals via another advertisement in the same newspaper that a whistleblower in the Demmink case has received death threats. The Officer of Justice gives the whistleblower the advice to go abroad for six weeks , telling him his life is not save in the Netherlands.

A Rotterdam university professor asks the Minister of Justice to clarify the Demmink case. The Minister replies by saying that he sees no reason to do so.


Demmink retires as Secretary-General of the Ministry of Security and Justice on November 1.


During the week of his retirement, Demmink’s crimes finally caught some international media attention. The American Spector‘s Peter Hannaford published an article on the case saying:

In the Jerry Sandusky case Penn State officials closed their ears for years to rumors about his behavior. In the Netherlands, the alleged pedophile Joris Demmink, Secretary-General of the Dutch Ministry of Justice, has had a close friend thwart official investigations into his behavior. That friend? Himself. This cozy arrangement may be about to come to an end.

while CBN News broadcast some of the testimonies of Demmink’s victims to a Capitol Hill audience on October 26.

A more detailed description of Demmink and the Dutch nightmarish tale of corruption, abduction, child pornography and murder can be found in the below documentary.

Part 1

Demmink, prince Friso and the Marianne Vaatstra murder: A short look at an extensive case

Joris Demmink’s name popped up again regarding one of the most sensational murder cases in the Netherlands. In the night of May 1, 1999 -the day after the Dutch Queen’s Day celebration- 16-year-old Marianne Vaatstra was raped and killed in a rural area in the province of Friesland. She was found naked with her throat cut later on that day. Some of the initial suspects were two Turkish young men together with two German men who traded drugs and porn material. The Turkish men by then lived in an asylum center close to the site of the murder and they appeared to have influential family and friends in Turkey. As Dutch asylum centers are known as a breeding ground for criminal activities such as prostitution and human trafficking, it is unlikely that the Turks, if they were part of a large web of criminal activities, deliberately chose a Dutch girl to rape and kill and thus took the risk of having many other crimes at the asylum center exposed – unless they were protected by the Ministry of Justice itself. Taking in consideration that the Turkish government has blackmail material on high-ranking Dutch officials including Demmink, it isn’t far-fetched to conclude that the Turkish men may have been involved in the murder of Vaatstra.

Subsequently, in an epic exchange of identities, a Turkish man with the common Turkish name Ali Hassan has been regarded as one of the suspects by Dutch officials and media right after the murder, while one of the real suspects, the asylum seeker whose name also is Ali Hassan, has been smuggled out of the Netherlands shortly after the crime took place. One should remember that it was impossible to send any asylum seeker back to their country or to any other country without the approval of one man: Joris Demmink.

In the meantime the trailer of the German drugs and porn traders went up in flames. A volunteer firefighter has declared that he was not allowed to immediately extinguish the fire, and a young girl has testified that the trailer was a gathering place for all alleged suspects in the murder case – including some friends of Vaatstra whose testimonies on the night of the murder have proven to be highly contradicting and suspect. However, the young girl was explicitly told by officials that she was wrong and that the trailer did not belong to the Germans.

There is more than one possible scenario to this still unresolved murder. Micha Kat again came forward as a pioneer of truth when he had the courage to publicly relate the Vaatstra murder with a member of the Dutch royal family: the controversial prince Johan Friso who has been notably accompanied by Demmink during both official and unofficial events. A truthful profile of the shadowy second son of queen Beatrix can be found in the above-mentioned Infowars article Grim Tidings From the Netherlands: Prince Bernhard’s Grandchildren Continue Bilderberg Legacy, co-authored by Kat. Friso used to work as a part time director of TNO Space, an organization which specializes in developing techniques for controlling the population from outer space, and is married to Mabel Wisse-Smit, director of George Soros’ Brussels-based Open Society Institute and also highly controversial for her former (romantic) liaison with “the founding father of Dutch drugs trafficking” Klaas Bruinsma who was shot death in 1991. As Friso has been frequently spotted as a homosexual, especially during his student days in the United States, many -including Kat- have suggested that his marriage to Wisse-Smit is not only a cover up for his homosexuality but also for the fact that the royal family may have close ties with the organized crime Wisse-Smit has been part of.

Marianne Vaatstra was killed in the night from 30 April to 1 May, which wasn’t only the night after Queen’s Day – that night is also known as Walpurgis Night in large parts of Central and Northern Europe. Moreover, it was full moon during the night of the murder. Kat exposed the direct relationship between the worshipping of Satan and child sacrifice during Walpurgis Night and what he considers as the ritual murder of Vaatstra, and has stated that Friso may have been the one who ordered “the killing of a virgin during Walpurgis Night” in a Satanic ritual. Kat bases his statement on the testimony of a “super witness” who has declared that prince Friso was the instigator of the sacrifice of Marianne Vaatstra and that many “officials” were present during the satanic event. At his website Kat wonders if the Satanists from the Hague use Dutch girls for their perverted lusts.

The still unsolved Vaatstra case was reopened early this year. Around the same time, during a holiday in Lech, Austria – initially only with his gay friend and later with his family – Friso was caught in a bizarre avalanche accident and has been in a coma in London’s Wellington Hospital since then. In September a large DNA research project took place regarding the Vaatstra murder. Eight thousand men who lived within a radius of five kilometers of the site of the murder voluntarily took part in the research, and on November 18 the Vaatstra case was declared solved after the arrest of 45-year-old farmer Jasper Scheringa based on “matching DNA evidence”. Sources however have declared that the DNA of dozens of men has been found on Vaatstra’s body…

The day after the “solution” of the murder, the Dutch media reported that prince Friso for the first time after his avalanche accident in February had shown “signs of minimal consciousness”.

…was he trying to make something clear?

When I write this, it is the evening of December 6, 2012, another black day in the history of justice in the Netherlands as the Public Prosecutor just told the media that Jasper Scheringa has confessed to the murder of Marianne Vaatstra. According to Dutch media, he said that he “did not know her but accidentally ran into her”, whereafter he “took her to a meadow under threat of a knife” and subsequently raped and killed her.

Micha Kat’s first reaction in Dutch language, right after the news of the confession appeared in the media:

Ministry of Justice forces confession * The Netherlands has become a judicial horror state with torture chambers * What torture methods were used? * Biggest provocation of the law ever by criminal pedophile mafia inside the Ministry of Justice * Jasper was on the verge of getting a new lawyer; the Ministry of Justice must have panicked * Was is torture, or the promise of the villa in Paraguay and a new identity? * The real offenders were smuggled out of the country by the Ministry * Demmink was directly involved in the Vaatstra murder.

Demmink’s victims speak out

On the eve of the trial of Micha Kat who has been detained and pestered numerous times for exposing many of the above horrible facts, let’s in conclusion take a look at a very important hearing which took place on October 4, 2012, and which has gone largely unreported by both mainstream and independent media: