‘Gay Marriage’ and Unnatural Vice

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Dec 8, 2012

Here is Question 327 from the long-abandoned (Roman Catholic) ‘Penny Catechism‘.
Which are the four sins crying to heaven for vengeance?
The four sins crying to heaven for vengeance are:
1. Willful murder (Genesis 4)
2. The sin of Sodom (Genesis 18)
3. Oppression of the poor (Exodus 2)
4. Defrauding labourers of their wages (James 5)
As Catholic schoolchildren, we worked our way through this little book in R. I. (Religious Instruction) lessons back in the early 1960’s. As a basis for discussion it had a lot going for it. The book made it very clear what we were expected to think and therefore it was pretty straightforward, even as pre-teens, to formulate questions or challenges to its contents.
I can remember reading 327, being puzzled by ‘No. 2′ and having more sense than to ask my rather lovely female teacher what it meant. Here was a sin that was too grim to even describe in plain English.
In Dante’s ‘Inferno’ there was a specific region in the Seventh circle of hell populated by those whose sin was ‘violence against nature’. In this place poor Sodomites, Blasphemers and Usurers were left naked on burning sand with fire raining down on them from unnatural clouds.
How the world has changed since the Middle Ages.
How it has changed over the last 50 years.
The Holy Sacrament of Marriage must now embrace sodomy. 
Although Mr Cameron reassures us that no religious institution will be forced to carry out same-sex marriages against its will, it is clear that ‘Human Rights’ legislation will be almost certainly be used, as it has been before, to enforce ‘equality’ regardless of….etc. 
We think we know where this is going Mr Cameron.


The Christian Churches and others are adamantly opposed to the very idea of “Gay” marriage. 
However, the people voicing this opposition seem unable to state the obvious and most powerful argument in support of their case, that
Sodomy is, to use an old-fashioned word, sinful.
God is Love. The affirmation embedded in the entire natural order. 
The human anus is not a sexual organ. It was designed for something else.
However much homosexuals claim, in the self-serving way they do, that they have “always felt this way”, the homosexual impulse remains an obvious ‘developmental disorder’. This how it was seen by psychologists for most of the 20th century. This is what it remains.
It may be true that many homosexual individuals can never remember feeling any other way, but it is believed that many, if not most, of our primary psychological characteristics are developed in the first couple of years of life, before we develop memory.
However this, in itself, should be a side-issue.
What has become of a society that is prepared to regard sodomy and normal sexual intercourse as basically “the same thing”.
What has become of churches that are only willing to point to gays’ inability to reproduce in support of their argument, rather than to restate what collective humanity has asserted from time immemorial, that…


Can there be any greater evidence than the decision to institutionalise gay marriage that the collective will (if not the entire collective mind) has been taken over by enemies of God?
On such a note of despair can one ask if there is any good to be found in the situation at all?
The Tao states:
“There is far greater wisdom in the movement of the whole pattern than in any attempt to impose one’s own will on events…
Might we happily admit that the acceptance of people with homosexual feelings is a good thing. We cannot condemn the person nor judge. We cannot condemn any individual even on the basis of that person’s actions. We can judge the action but not the state of mind, nor the motive of the person. 
Nor can we know how we would behave in another’s position.
Might this diabolical fiasco help to establish the idea that although it is good to accept the feelings of others, feeling must not be used as the basis for setting principle.
And this is exactly what society has been manipulated by government into doing over a large range of issues. Government presents policies developed by think-tanks that are clearly working in concert with the templates laid out as advice for the elite by The Frankfurt School Psychologists between the 1920’s and the 1980’s. Their work can be viewed, in my opinion, as a refinement or a supporting text to ‘The Protocols of Zion’.
(Study these people to understand how our entire society has been subverted in the interests of rendering us helplessly enslaved by a financial oligarchy. Please do read the linked article above.)
Maybe the Tao is right. When grandiose ambition knows no bounds, collapse is inevitable.
Good will win in the end. Let us hope that we are close to the end of a (necessary?) learning curve.


Comment – Dec 8, 2012

There is a reason why so many from so many different cultures and religions have forbidden homosexuality, and particularly the attendant act of sodomy. On a more esoteric level, we understand that it triggers a reversal of the circulation of ethereal sustenance within human beings at a subatomic level.
Although most are completely unaware of the connection, this happens in the refined spiritual realms with which we are intimately connected. Despite being unaware of these links, we are nonetheless tied to these realms right down to our most intimate bodily functions through our chakras. 
The reversal of the circulation of these life-giving forces opens the way for much darker forces to enter this realm. In effect, it acts as an open invitation to demonic entities; which explains why sodomy has been a central part of so many black magic ceremonies over the centuries.
It also explains why sodomy has been outlawed in so many different cultures and religions across the world throughout history. For the very act can be used as an invitation to diabolical forces to enter this earthly realm.
This has been understood as a fact by wise men and women even in the most primitive cultures.
You think it a coincidence that ancients Chinese Taoists, Muslims and until a few years ago, ordinary Christians spoke out against sodomy?
Of course it isn’t.
At least in the West, our leaders owe their power to the very forces that thrive on sodomy.
All of which may explain why efforts are now underway to make sodomy an acceptable practise and why our political leaders – who are mostly in the pockets of fantastically wealthy demon worshippers – are assisting. Ed.

Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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