The Architecture of the New World Order

by Marcos – ( Dec 7, 2012 

This week an icon of architecture died at the age of 104. He was Oscar Niemeyer, the Brazilian architect known for his projects of most public buildings in Brasilia.
He was, in a sense, more a master of drawing than an architect. His curves that evoked the mountains of his city of Rio de Janeiro are easily recognized. Much of his fame comes from the fact that he was one of the first to propose and build “habitable sculptures”. His buildings could easily be turned into small sculptures and displayed at a Soho art gallery.
Unfortunately, Niemeyer was a staunch communist. He was a great admirer of Stalin and Castro, and once said that the death of millions of people was a small price to pay for an utopia. He also supported the Marxist  terrorist drug dealers of the FARC in Colombia (which flood Brazil with crack cocaine), and once drew a poster for them.
Niemeyer’s architecture was cold and oppressive. It was beautiful in paper and models, but inhumane in real life. 
Check the picture with the Latin America Memorial, in Sao Paulo, a complex dedicated to the “oppression” of the continent by capitalism. It looks like a post-neutron bomb scenario, totally desolate of life. Check the size of the individual among a sea of concrete. He is nothing, much like the individual in a communist country.
Niemeyer received much praise (and work) because his buildings are imposing and look graceful in a photo taken from a carefully chosen angle. They are perfect post cards for the politicians, even if improper for human life. Brasilia, his master piece, is probably the saddest and coldest city in Brazil. 


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