Voice of the White House February 19, 2007

“ One of the aides in Cheney’s office ate lunch in the White House cafeteria two days ago and is now in the hospital with ecoli. They found samples of this in some of the lettuce! There is a report floating around that a very militant Mexican group has been “very strongly suspected” in a number of recent ecoli outbreaks on the east coast and elsewhere. We had a number of cases of ecoli at Taco Bells in the New York area and one at an Olive Garden in the mid west and now this. CDC tests cannot find the source of this. After the Taco Bell and Olive Garden outbreaks (hundreds sick) they descended on the restaurants and tested everything edible in all the places. There was absolutely nothing found that was contaminated. It is now felt that these attacks were only “dry runs” and were being done because of the perceptions in the Mexican community that the far right Republicans are demanding the physical expulsion of any and all illegals, regardless of employment or family situations. Short of firing all Mexicans employed as restaurant personnel (and they represent a huge percentage) there is no way to stop this. The Republicans won’t change their tunes. At least they are consistent, unlike McCain who waves back and forth like a sunflower in the wind, turning this way and that. In the future, a number of us will be bagging it.”

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