A Celebration of the Vipers and the Trembling Dominoes

Smoking Mirrors – Dec 5, 2012

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The oldest woman in the world died the other day. When asked about her secret for long life, she said; “I don’t eat junk food and I mind my own business”. She was 116 and passed away in a Georgia rest home.
♫Do you hear what I hear♫? That would be the sound of Mr. Apocalypse’s walking stick, thrumming on objects, conditions and awarenesses. He’s been incremental, now he’s going exponential. One of the things he is doing is bringing to light the sordid and seamy, behind the scenes, lives of vile characters masquerading as human beings. Other, behind the scenes truths, are also rising up and flowing over the levees of denial. You can think of these people as dominoes, trembling on an unstable table. It is past questioning now that Jimmy Savile was a very high ranking Satanist. His degree of access and influence tells the tale. He was actually living in children’s care homes a time or two and to show you how twisted he was, has a penchant for disabled kinder; or so it appears.
Until just now, or not long for now, the hideous monsters of our times have been under a shield of protection, granted from infernal regions, with the permission of the real regent, so that they could sport in their perversity for the purpose of demon-stration. However, the planets move in their circuits and presage changes in the film script that marks the events and dialogue of our days and those protections are coming off. These fiends are about to become a hunted feces, uh species; ambulatory fewmet species. This is going to come down on certain nations as well as the individuals in them. The ‘rage against the bankers’, is growing by the hour. Many minds wonder how it could possibly take so long for the point to be made on the cinder-block heads who make up the meat and potatoes of civilization. People have to realize that certain things have to be pressed to the bending end, so that there will be no question of what we have been dealing with.
The dumbass barometer, has taken a nose dive these days. This fascination is a programmed manipulation of stupid and all a part of The Celebration of Vipers and the perpetuation of vipers. You don’t have to wonder too hard at the conditions that make all of this possible. You don’t have to wonder at the cause of severe morning sickness either, given that this is probably an expression of that scene from Alien. In any case, the public is playing right along and taking a cue from the departed and gin-soaked Queen Mother; Her Royal Trapdoor Spiderness. We haven’t seen anything this ultra cool since anal bleaching.
Royal vipers are not the only thing that reproduce, stupidity reproduces too, in order to match up with the greater and greater transparency of oppression coming down on Mr. Potato Head World. There are a lot of ways to look at all of this and many of them lead only to confusion, in terms of motive and resolution. If you take it all as an expression of everything being under control, you will not be plagued by the sensation that everything is getting out of control. It’s all just perceptions based on the interpretation of appearances. The primary truth about appearances is that they are deceiving. We’ve heard this many times but it doesn’t sink in as a visceral awareness. What is this persistent disconnect that keeps us hypnotized by something that is not real? It is because something is resident in us that should not be there and it determines how we interpret things. It is a conscious entity that must be replaced by another consciousness that sees through things instead of bouncing off of them.
Materialism is a force of invocation. It calls up the presence that celebrates it, just as anything would. Fear is a product of being susceptible to the lies of appearances, so is anger. All negative emotion arises out of the predominance of appearances over clear vision; the predominance of what is not, over what is. You don’t have to hang out on the corners of Shit and Go Blind. You don’t have to be the victim of an unexamined life. This is the critical power and potential of “know thyself”. It is the ultimate defensive weapon against the tyranny of appearances. It’s not a complicated thing. It is something that requires perseverance and determination, with no small amount of certitude required. If you aren’t certain of the outcome of something that has already been demonstrated in the lives of any number of people, then you aren’t going to have the success that comes with a true single-minded focus on the foundation of all lasting and genuine progress. “Half measures avail nothing”. Inconsistent efforts yield inconsistent results. Why is this not crystal clear? That is another question people should ask themselves, until they get an answer.
Take a good hard look at the relentless disinfo that pours out of the media control towers. Take a good hard look at the socio-sexual morphing of the culture; the political corruptions, the religious depravities, the dietary dysfunction, of people willingly poisoning themselves, the intellectual dishonesty, the aimless, pinball bouncing, from one distraction to another; this rudderless sail on the turbulent waters to nowhere. It’s difficult to get the full effect of this, when you are spinning like a top inside it. You have to get outside of it, a sort of in it but not off it. You’ve got to become The Fool on the Hill. You’ve got to understand that just because there is a will there is no guarantee that there is a way. The personal will is the dead horse of mortality. You can beat it till doomsday’s break but it will not rise from the dead. There is another will that is your true force for expression. It requires nothing more than getting out of the way. Some of us have experienced this so there is precedence. In fact there is precedence for just about everything. It all depends on what kind of precedence you are looking for.
Some people want to become lawyers because a law degree is a license to steal. Some people want to become bankers for very similar reasons. When you are close enough to the money, to lay your hands on it at any time, you probably will, once you discover the least difficult, dangerous and most profitable way to accomplish this and get away with it. Some people want to get into show business because of the celebrity and promise of getting laid whenever they feel like it. There are all kinds of motivations and the mindset that attends the fruition of the objective, will always tend to support and justify the means. People think this is some kind of good way to go. Sure, if you’re going that way but… is that the way to go?
Which of us does not wind up sitting at life’s end, in consideration of all of that upon which we were engaged in life? There are things that happen at any one of the seven stages of which Shakespeare spoke. They only come when they come, at the appointed time. Often that appointed time comes too late for a great many things. If you want to know the wrong way to go, just look at the amount of people going that way. Here we have one of those old saws that everyone thinks is true and is not; “there is safety in numbers”. Here’s one that is definitely true, “misery loves company”.
So people go on and on about why so many people are deaf and dumb to reason and the most obvious of conditions in which they labor and suffer. They’re protecting their investment. Once anyone realizes the true meaning and cost of what they have been up to they are forced to change. This has been going on for a long time and is one of the hallmarks of Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is the yuga of recompense. It’s the playing field upon which all kinds of karma gets worked out and that is not a pleasant thing most of the time. It is the age of blind men gumming each other to death. It is the age of stupid choices and hardened resistance to the truth. As a result, the more time that passes, the more rampant and pervasive the insanities become, until the become pure satire and totally bent and twisted absurdity. As has been so often stated here. You can’t change the world but you can change yourself and if you change yourself, you invariably change your world and the example of your transition, stands as an indicator for others, should they care to notice; should they care to notice. Some do. That makes the effort worth it. In these times there is no stampede to the gates of realization but it will not always be so. Get off the wheel while the fortunate opportunity is present.
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