From Jonestown to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Visible Origami – Dec 6, 2012

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It’s a little over two weeks to 12/21/12. It creeps up on us and I haven’t heard anything in recent times. I find that unusual, given the fascination with it over several years previous. I’m not making any kind of a statement here. I’m just pointing it out. I often point things out and people think I’m making some kind of a statement, although that can be the case, it is not always so. Sometimes it is only a statement and sometimes it is a statement with a banana. In any case, we are very close to something. On the one hand, we are dealing with some kind of cosmic principle that has something to do with a summing up and the end of something, which implies the beginning of something. On the other hand we are dealing with some amount of collective belief, counterpointed by some amount of collective indifference.
We know by now that conditions and perception of reality, are affected by collective belief. This relates to the actual, as well as the illusionary and most of the time to the illusionary. Sometimes it leads to dramatic and unfortunate events like Jonestown. Sometimes it leads to things like this and at other times to things like the obvious farces of presidential elections and support for mass murder and genocide as a result of religious mania, fomented by psychopaths, who manipulate scripture to that end.
It is obvious that massive changes are necessary on this plane, given that things have gone ten miles south of Wackville some while ago and are accelerating in a downward curve, as a result of an intentional drive, on the part of ancient evil and those who serve that force. An opposite driving force is magnetically pulling, on those so inclined, to be susceptible to the influence and whose magnetism to Wal-Mart and base appetite, are less powerful than the magnetism to something greater and more enduring. Making the difference clear, to those co-opted by powerful insanities, is near impossible and only trauma and the loss of access to glitter and garbage, will accomplish a change in awareness for those wallowing in the mire of delusion.
What has been happening over the long course- and speeding up-, the way time has sped up, should be patently obvious to those still retaining objective awareness and some degree of professional detachment from the impact of the madness, on the consciousness of the personal self; whatever that is. That of course, is the essential inquiry of existence and the thing most studiously avoided by the majority of the population. Knowing who you are, compromises the agenda of appetite and subjectivity. Subjectivity to the siren call and lures of appetite leads directly to slavery and maintains the state of confusion necessary to bring it about. You are watching it occur at any number of levels now. Why is this not apparent to most of us? If you have to ask that question then you have a problem.
Someone told me recently that the line of scripture, attributed to Jesus Christ, while on the cross; “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”, actually says, in the original Greek, “Father do not forgive them for they know what they do”. I can’t verify or dispute this but someone around here will. My point in bringing it up, is that the original intent of a great many things, has been changed to suit the desires and expectations of predators. This has been taking place incrementally, across generations and now, much shorter periods of time. A subtle change occurs in the general interpretation of certain informations. That is then further modified and morphed at the next stage and that is then further modified and morphed at the following stage. This is not rocket surgery but it certainly looks like it to the people who aren’t bothering to look.
We are in the days of ‘dumpty, dumpty, doity, doity, diety, diety’ going along with the program. It’s just that much easier going along with the program. Not going along with the program, draws unwanted attention and we all know what unwanted attention can bring. Of course, some of us are permitted to bother to look, dispute and proclaim, because the power on the back end, is greater than the power of the front end; or is it the other way around? You get the point. Here is the essence of the grand mystery. Appearances seem to be more powerful than the unseen. They are not, by any means whatsoever. It just looks that way. The force of things just looking that way is great. One needs to head back into Plato’s Cave and consider the shadows on the wall, instead of the shadows on the wall at Plato’s Retreat.
We are individually and certainly collectively, much more powerful than appearances but convincing us otherwise is job one for those manipulating appearances. If everything doesn’t look Batshit crazy to you, then you are crazy. You may not think you are crazy but you are mad as a hatter. You are deep in the rank of the marching dingbats; “hut, two, three, four, hut, two, three four; company… halt. At ease”; not hardly. Is it the Hardy Boys or the Hardly Boys? It’s your call.
Look at your TV shows. Look at the commercials that bring you your TV shows. Look at your movies and how they are trending. Listen to the music that represents the soundtrack of your contemporary moments. All of this is created and scripted for a purpose. It is not a good purpose. What do we have? We have people whose flesh is bonding into the pleather of their easy chairs. We have refrigerators and kitchen cabinets, filled with toxic poisons of the time release variety. If it doesn’t kill you today, then that’s alright. Hey, tomorrows another day. “What, me worry”?
We got McDonalds and the like all over the place. This is concerted murder. This is all a part of intentional culling, attended by intentional dumbing down. This is not accidental. This is not accidental. Monsanto is not accidental and it is no accident who created it either. Nations founded on the concept of personal liberty, inevitably transform into nations of collective tyranny. You are not looking at accidents, or some sort of inexplicable whimsey. You are looking at calculation and the oppression of the many, by those who consider themselves special and above the rest of us. They look at us as chattel and cattle. That’s how they are. That’s what they were like back in the days of The Gospel of Wealth. That’s what they were like in the days of Dickens. That’s where things like The House of Lords comes from. Look into what the House of Lords signifies. Look at your congress and the massive over-representation of clowns like Lieberman and Schumer. Look at who controls Homeland Security. Look at who your political representatives support without question, or they don’t get to be your political representatives. Look at the loyalty oaths. Look at the juggling and continuing replacement of those heading up the military, when they don’t go along with the program. Look at the outrageous venality and perverted sexuality of your religious leaders. I smell fire and brimstone coming out of the sacristy and from the pulpits.
I learned lately that psychedelics were routinely placed in communion wafers, for purposes I will leave you to guess at. Study the condition of The Catholic Church before The Reformation. Study history or be condemned to repeat it. As can be seen, people have lost interest in the events and conditions that precede the ones they find themselves in today. They would much rather watch the ‘made for TV movie’. In the end, people do not want to know because of what they are very likely to find out. Because of this, eventually they are forced to see, whether they like it or not. That’s how it is. Argue about it. Dispute it. It won’t do you any good. You’ll get temporary relief from the temporary Excedrin but the discomfort and denial will simmer beneath the surface, until it goes viral, until it hits plague status and plagues are on the menu. Soon it won’t be ♫raining men♫, it will be raining frogs.
Well, I think I’ve said enough for the moment; some things to reflect on. I’ll see you next posting if there is one; Ahroooooooooooooooooooooooo!
End Transmission;
Thinking about and possibly soon to be manifesting a radio show. 


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