The Voice of the White House February 16, 2007

“There may be a concept of freedom of the press but the American media is certainly a controlled entity. As much of the print and television media is controlled by Jewish interests we never see criticism of Israel but we do see attacks on their enemies, such as Iraq and Iran. If a Palestinian sets off a bomb in Israel, the press is filled with it but if the IDF is thrashed in battles with the Hezbollah or sets fire to an Arab day care center, it never sees the light of day on this side of the Atlantic.

Members of AIPAC stealing secrets? Back page if at all. But “evil Iran” (who might bomb Israel with an atomic weapon) is constantly on the front page.

There was an AIPAC, ADL plan to get Congress to establish a national U.S. holiday dedicated to “Holocaust Remembrance” but it has been decided to put that one on ice for awhile.

Israel is pestering the White House and its co-religionists in Congress to support an attack on Iran but the public, the final arbiter after all, won’t buy the rationale invented by the Neocons, championed by the lunatic Cheney and mouthpieced by an increasingly hysterical and nasty president.

Our first president, George Washington, suggested that America maintain strict neutrality, keep out of foreign quarrels and sell to everyone. That never went anywhere, did it?

If you want to know what is really going on in the world, read the foreign press internet sites: British, French, Canadian and even Russian (and Arabic as well) give you a truly balanced and well-informed view that you never get from the domestic media.

This toeing the official line is not an accident but it is obvious why subscriptions to the once-mighty newspapers have tanked. Trailer park people love to watch the repulsive and shrill Nancy Grace shrieking for hours or Bill O’Reilly acting as a poster boy for euthanasia but for news, go elsewhere. And besides, it’s entirely free!”

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