The Agenda Behind Gender Bending

GB – Dec 4, 2012

We are now familiar with pro-homosexual bias both in the western media, and in the Anglo-American political elite. In the UK, increasingly media personalities and politicians openly promote the homosexual agenda.
The stated aim is for society to accept that the homosexual lifestyle is on a par with the traditional family paradigm. Anyone daring to question this assumption is attacked and branded as being “outdated, hateful, and offensive”.  
The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey is the latest victim of such homosexual swarming. Even his former college (Kings College, London) is being pressured to remove his photograph from their famous alumni display. (Sounds like Stalin’s Russia doesn’t it?)
Thomas Clayton, the Student Union President, said in The London Evening Standard:
“The implication that homosexual relationships are in any way inferior to heterosexual ones is one we believe to be deeply offensive, archaic and something the College should seek to distance itself from immediately.”
Treating defenders of society as pariahs who have breached fundamental standard of decency is a long time tactic of Communists, Masons and Satanist (Cabalist) Jews. They resort to smears because they cannot justify their policies. 
Forcing humanity to accept sodomy has little to do with homosexual rights. Rather, it is part of a wider campaign to undermine the very fabric of society itself.
Let’s be clear, without the traditional family paradigm, none of us would be here, and without a family upbringing, few of us would be well adjusted, responsible, functioning members of what remains of society.
The male-female and extended family model has been the blueprint from the beginning, and both society and the newborn child rely on it to be strong, secure, and stable.
The homosexual lifestyle is portrayed as being cool, fun, and contemporary, as opposed to the traditional family paradigm which is seen as being prosaic and boring.
In particular homosexual sex (sodomy) is being portrayed as a somehow “purer”, as in a more distilled, rarefied version of sex. It is only a matter of time before these ideas work their way into the mainstream.


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