Two versions of 9/11: The Conspiracy Files?

Word is reaching us that the BBC is in a quandary over which version of 9/11: The Conspiracy Files will be put out to air on Sunday evening. The dilemma is apparently due to there being two versions of Mike Rodin & Guy Smith’s documentary. One version is a well-balanced piece of investigative journalism, whereas the alternative version is a hit-piece, intent on portraying 9/11 Truth Campaigners as nothing more than a lunatic fringe group.

It appears that the dilemma is a direct result of the phenomenal reaction to the recent flurry of 9/11 related items appearing in the National Media. The debate kicked off with the publication of George Monbiot’s ill-researched hit-piece on Loose Change, the most downloaded video in the history of Google Video. Any casual observer perusing the responses posted on the Guardian website, could not fail to notice that the remarkable difference in style between those who leapt to the defence of the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) and those were seeking answers to the glaring anomalies between the OCT and the physical evidence. The vapid vitriol from the defenders of orthodoxy was no match for the measured curiosity of the Truth seekers.

Last Saturday (Feb 10) the public awareness of the case for 9/11 Truth was raised further by a reasonably balanced article authored by Sue Reid and published in the Daily Mail. On Tuesday (Feb 13) Tim Sparke, Executive Producer of Loose Change: Final Cut, responded to Monbiot’s assertion that Loose Change was responsible for triggering a ‘Conspiracy Virus’!

In a blatant attempt to publicise BBC2’s 9/11: The Conspiracy Files, Jeremy Vine employed New Statesman contributor Brendan O’Neill in an attempt to attack David Shayler and marginalise the 9/11 Truth Movement as a bunch of eccentrics; an objective which seriously missed the mark. Shayler handled himself admirably, he continually offered evidence upon evidence against O’Neill’s <>argumentum ad hominem<>. The discerning listener coming away with the clear perspective that there are some aspects of 9/11 that are not quite right!

So what’s up with the Beeb? Well, word reaches us that new kid on the block, Gareth Ancier is the point man in trying to persuade BBC2 to run the hit-piece. Despite the fact that his appointment to the position of Head Honcho in the US (see link below) was only announced in Wednesday’s edition of The Guardian, he is apparently already flexing his muscles. How would the producers Guy Rodin & Mike Smith feel about this outside influence? Well, they’ve been paid so what do they care! Journalistic integrity is not in the vocabulary of the major broadcasters and certainly not in the vocabulary of one Ancier’s previous employers, FOX.

Newly responsible for the marketing of BBC productions in the US, Ancier is no doubt claiming that he will not be able to maximize revenues if the BBC is seen to be running programmes, however balanced, intimating that 9/11 might have been an inside job. From personal experience of operating within the US industrial complex, it is not beyond the realms of probability that Ancier is waving mega$ incentives if the Beeb agrees to run the hit-piece. As Princeton graduate and an initiate of the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity, serious pressure will be being put on Ancier to get the Beeb to ‘play ball’.

Ancier will be familiar with the acquisitions strategy adopted by FOX in the aftermath of the OKC bombing, where local TV stations were broadcasting facts which called into question the ‘Lone Gunman’ theory that the devastation of the Alfred P. Murrah building was the result of a single Ryder truck loaded with fertilizer based explosives.

Local News is a thing of the past in the USA; all local TV stations being required to broadcast the sanitized news prepared by FOX, or one of the other ‘approved’ centralised news organisations . As a friend of mine from Texas commented recently, “Our news media treats us like mushrooms; we’re fed sh*t & kept in the dark.”

There will undoubtedly be individuals within the British Government who will also be angling for the hit-piece to be broadcast. When the truth about the events of 9/11 is eventually realised, there are players who are either going to have to face charges of complicity or endeavour to explain their apparent ignorance, despite the ever-mounting availability of evidence which is anomalous to the OCT. They will also have to explain why they ignored the 9/11 Fact Sheets & Loose Change DVD’s that was sent to every MP, Member of the Lords, & every MEP in April of 2005!

9pm on Sunday evening may turn out to be a defining moment for the BBC.

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