What a Coincidence

12 February 2003

Isn’t it a strange coincidence that on the same day that British troops and armoured vehicles ring British airports, the Israelis ban Palestinians from entering Israel? Both are due, the media assures us, to an increased threat of terrorist attack. Yesterday and today US troops and missile launchers are deployed around Washington and the White House. Again we are told this is because of a heightened security alert.

Or is it?

A few days earlier links between Al Queida and Iraq are touted in the mainstream media. Could this all just be part of a stage-managed pantomime to convince an increasingly sceptical public of the need to attack Iraq? As if to emphasise this the headlines on some British newspapers today spoke of the threat of “London’s Own 9/11″.

Is this real “News”? Or a desperate attempt to counter growing public cynicism over the need to go to war with Iraq?

Troops and tanks patrol London's Heathrow Airport in reponse, we are told, to an increased threat of 'Terror attacks'